How to Upload Files to Google Drive? Step-By-Step

upload files to Google Drive

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Published On December 15th, 2023
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Summary: If you want to upload files to Google Drive, this write-up is the perfect choice for you. Here you will find the complete steps to add/upload files and folders to Google Drive without hassle.

The Google Drive is used as the backup solution. By importing files to Google Drive, you can remove the files & folders from the local machine. Due to this, you can make space on your device to store other files. Google Drive provides different functionalities such as viewing, editing, and sharing files and folders with others. You will get 15 GB of space at the free cost to upload documents to Google Drive.

It is a cloud solution that supports all types of files and gives permission to collaborate with others. Some of the files that you can edit in Google Drive such as Microsoft Office, PDFs, and other text files. Google Drive also restricts some files that cannot be edited such as music, videos, .zip files, and others.

You can also preview some of the files that are not accessible on the local system. For example, you can preview the files Photoshop files with Google Drive without installing it on a local device. Because of these reasons users are Copy Files from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Before deep-diving into the solution of how to upload files to my Google Drive, let’s know some major benefits of using Google Drive instead of local storage.

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Benefits to Add Files to Google Drive

  • The files can be accessed from any location and device just by using the Internet.
  • The files are safe and secure because Google Drive is a highly secure platform that integrates the latest security algorithms.
  • Google Drive automatically backs up the files regularly so that you never lose the essential files.
  • Google Drive is always updated with the latest features to improve user experience.
  • It is easy to operate because of its interactive user interface.
  • You can also set the restrictions on the file while sharing with others such as edit, view, and so on.

How to Upload Files to Google Drive?

By importing all the files to Google Drive, Moving Files from One Google Drive to Another is also becomes easy. You can transfer files and folders to Google Drive in two ways, one is the manual and another is the professional way.

The manual way is not advised by the experts. However, the professional way is recommended by the experts because of its accuracy and efficiency. You will get to know about both ways sequentially.

Manual Methods to Add Files to Google Drive

There are three manual methods that you can use to import files to Google Drive. Let’s start the manual methods with the steps.

Method 1. Upload Files to Google Drive

  • Step 1. Go to
  • Step 2. On the left corner, click on the (+) sign.
  • Step 3. Then choose the option of file upload.
  • Step 4. Now browse the file and hit Open.
  • Step 5. After a while, the file will be uploaded to Google Drive.

Method 2. Upload Folder to Google Drive

  • Step 1. Move to
  • Step 2. From the left corner, hit on the (+) icon.
  • Step 3. Click on the folder upload option.
  • Step 4. Choose the folder to upload and hit the upload button.
  • Step 5. After some time, the folder will be uploaded to Google Drive as per the size of the folder.

Method 3. Upload Documents to Google Drive Folder

  • Step 1. After logging in to the Google Drive account.
  • Step 2. Click on the + and hit on the Create folder.
  • Step 3. Provide a name to the newly created folder.
  • Step 4. Now drag and drop the files to the created folder.

Limitations of Using Manual Methods

  • Not a good approach to importing large data because it takes too much time for the large files.
  • Possibility of human errors because you need to transfer files to Google Drive manually.
  • There are no advanced filters available that make the process smooth and efficient.

Professional Way to Upload Files to Google Drive

After analyzing all the manual methods, this is the time to evaluate the professional method. The professional method uses the automated SysTools File System Migrator Tool to add files and folders to Google Drive.

It can fulfill all the limitations of the manual methods. There are multiple advanced features of this tool, let’s explore them.

Advanced Features of the Automated Tool

  • Maintains the complete folder hierarchy after importing to Google Drive.
  • Provides Exclude/Include File option.
  • Provides the Date filter option.
  • Upload files to Google Drive as per the file size.
  • Delta option for backup modified data.
  • Keep the file name and size as per the originality of the files.
  • Able to track the live status of the process.
  • Generate a complete report after the process.

Add Files to Google Drive Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download and Launch the tool.

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Step 2. Hit on the Settings option and then Google Project Settings.

Step 3. Browse or Create the JSON file of G Suite and Save.

click save

Step 4. Click the Activate New Domain, enter the activation code, and then Continue.

activation code

Step 5. Open My Computer, choose the folder, and hit on Next.


Step 6. Choose any option as per the requirement.
1- Include / Exclude File Types
2- Include Created / Modified Date
3- Include File Size

apply filters

Step 7. Enter the credentials for the destination Google Drive account and Connect.

account detail

Step 8. Select the destination location and click the Start button.


After getting regular queries about how to upload files to Google Drive. We framed this article in a detailed manner. Both the solutions are discussed whether it is manual or professional. The manual methods are not recommended by the experts because of several limitations. The professional method is the first choice for the experts to add files to Google Drive. Hence the query is resolved.