Copy Files from OneDrive to Google Drive in Just a Few Steps

Switch from OneDrive to Google Drive

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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Ever so often a need arises where users have to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive and this data transfer must be both quick and secure. Moreover, upon surfing the net we find that there are in fact multiple solutions available for this problem. However, upon further examination, it is evident that each manual method has some flaw or the other. Therefore, here in this article, we have a professional yet simple utility to get the job done. Before we delve into the steps to make the switch let’s go over the causes first.

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Reasons to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

Now, these are common causes why people do this migration. It includes:

  • Users who are approaching the 5 GB limit on their OneDrive can opt for a OneDrive to Google Drive migration. As Google offers up to 15 GB of storage it is more suitable for heavier workloads or those who work with high-resolution images.
  • There are times when users may want to leave the hassle of maintaining two different cloud storage providers. Here users can import OneDrive to Google Drive and make their workflow more efficient.
  • As Chrome books gain more popularity among the young generation they might look for a method to shift their data. By doing so they will get a better-optimised system where all the storage has native support on the device itself.
  • There are multiple restrictions like file name, file size, and data type stored on One Drive whereas Google Drive is more lenient in placing restrictions.
  • Google Drive offers better integration capability with Android devices. People who prefer to work on the go will find that Google Drive is more suitable to their demands than the more desktop-focused OneDrive.

Different Approaches to Move Items from OneDrive to Google Drive

There are three separate ways to perform OneDrive to Google Drive migration:

  • Manual Method: Fetch and reupload all files one by one.
  • Syncing Method: Access the Google Drive and OneDrive apps to sync the data
  • Automated Method: Get an automated utility and let it handle the rest.

Now let’s discuss them in detail starting with the manual method

1- Download & Upload – Manual Solution

  • Log in to your OneDrive account by entering the Microsoft credentials.
  • Now, select the items & click the Download button.

Download Data

  • Log in to your Google Drive account by providing the credentials.
  • Click on the + icon titled “New“.

Click on New

  • Select the File or Folder Upload option.

Choose File or Folder

  • Pick the file with the Onedrive data and hit Upload.

Select the File

This method might look simple but it has a number of hidden limitations which are discussed ahead.

Manual Method Limitations

  • Not suitable for the huge amount of data: If you download large files from OneDrive there is a high chance that they might be converted to *.zip format. Moreover, repeated compression and decompression of files increases the risk of data loss.
  • Time-consuming & lengthy: If you want to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive of multiple users simultaneously then this method is not suitable at all. Admin needs to log in and transfer files one by one which increases the overall time and makes the task lengthy.
  • No date filter option: The download upload transfer is an all or none type of transfer with no options to filter out the data date-wise. This means that users have to manually segregate all the data before transferring or risk uploading redundant data on their new storage.
  • Requires High-Speed Internet: If you don’t have a stable broadband connection the process may become excruciatingly slow. Moreover, in the worst-case scenario, the transfer of data may stop in between requiring a full reset from the user end.
  • Chances of File corruption: the repeated, download and upload process creates an additional risk of data corruption. Any carelessness shown by the user might damage the data beyond repair.
  • Does not create any report: Users have no way of knowing which data was transferred and which remains at the source. Furthermore, they have to do the checking manually which leads to further delay and loss in productivity.

2- Switch from OneDrive to Google Drive Via Desktop Apps

Both Microsoft and Google provide their own desktop-based apps which can be synced with each other. This creates a sort of bridge through which data that appears in one platform is reflected onto the other.

The steps to perform this task are as follows:

Step 1. Download both the Google and Onde Drive app on your PC.

Step 2. Establish a connection between accounts.

Step 3. Begin the syncing operation between the apps and your computer.

Step 4. Drag and drop the data from one cloud storage (OneDrive) to another (Google Drive)

Limitations of Cloud Storage Syncing Mechanism

  • Users need to make sure that their device has the minimum hardware specifications to install and run the apps. 
  • Double-check the available storage on your PC for not only the apps but the data that is to be kept as well.
  • Only accounts belonging to a single user can be synced with each other, Moreover, any attempts to sync multiple accounts can lead to data loss and privacy violations.
  • The syncing process is time-consuming and no data transfer can take place until syncing is complete.

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3- Use the Tool to Move OneDrive Files to Google Drive

To avoid the limitations and complexities of the above-described manual methods, users can opt for the services of a professional OneDrive to Google Drive Migration tool. With this versatile software, we can efficiently migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive of single or multiple users. Moreover, this utility is endowed with many advantageous features making it unique among others. These features are given below:

  • Migrate all or selective data from OneDrive to the G Drive account
  • Users can set a priority to define a migration order
  • Provides Delta Migration feature to move new or modified items
  • Allows selective user migration between OneDrive & G Drive
  • Creates Summary and detailed report after the completion of the migration process
  • Provides Date Filter to move items of particular date range
  • Fetch users or Import users are the options to add users

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Why Choose this Software?

Migrate Other Data As Well: With this software, along with OneDrive data users can also migrate other items. It includes emails, calendars, and contacts. As per the requirement, users can select any for the migration.

Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact: When the software moves items from OneDrive to Google Drive it maintains the folder hierarchy. All the folders and subfolders’ structure remains the same. Also, unlike the manual method, there are no file formatting issues in the software.

24*7 Support is Available: The support team is available 24*7 to provide solutions to users’ problems. They help all those users who are having difficulty with tool setup & project creation for the migration process.

No Limitation on the Migrated Items: Users don’t worry about the size and number of the migrated data. This software efficiently transfers OneDrive Data to Google Drive without any limitation.

How to Move Files OneDrive to Google Drive Via the Tool

Follow these quick steps to migrate OneDrive Data items to Google Drive:

Step 1. Launch the tool & select the Source as Office 365 and Destination as G Suite.


Step 2. Choose Category as Documents to move items from OneDrive to Google Drive.

select documents

Step 3. Enter the admin credentials for the source account (O365)

o365 credentials

Step 4. Enter the admin credentials for the destination account (G Suite).

g suite credentials

Step 5. Select the “Fetch User” or “Import CSV” option to provide O365 & G Suite user data.

fetch users

Step 6. Preview the users and Validate, After the validation hit the Start Migration button to begin the process.


Step 7. Users can view the live migration process through the dashboard of the software.


Step 8. After the completion of the migration process click on the Download Report option.


Step 9. Finally, open the Google Drive account and check all the migrated data items.


In this blog, we covered a variety of methods that can be used to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive. Here we gave all the possible reasons anyone would consider switching their cloud storage and gave the manual steps to do the same. Moreover, to address user concerns that arise during the manual method, a professional alternative is provided as well.