Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration Made Easy

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration

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Published On August 10th, 2023
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Many organizations have used and found that Zimbra is no longer suitable for their growing business demands. One of the ways in which this problem can be resolved is via a Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration. This is because Microsoft 365 outright eliminates all the issues that are holding Zimbra back.

Zimbra’s minimalistic structure backfires when dealing with complicated business scenarios. Moreover, the presence of a multitude of other applications and its industry-leading reputation make Microsoft 365 an easy choice over its other counterparts.

So, join us as we take you through the entire migration process starting with the causes of migration.

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Reasons to Transfer Zimbra to Microsoft 365

The following are just a few reasons that make a case for switching to Microsoft 365:

  • Zimbra falls short in providing its services if a network is absent. Whereas Microsoft 365 although cloud-based still offers offline capability.
  • Small organizations that operate locally may use Zimbra. However, companies that plan to expand their reach need to leave behind the outdated platform and use Microsoft 365. 
  • Zimbra also lacks the presence of other in-house apps like Teams, Onedrive, etc available with the Microsoft 365 suite. 

It is now all but clear that Microsoft 365 provides superior scalability and diverse tools along with an upgraded email service. Before we undertake the manual process of Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration some prerequisites must be satisfied. Let’s look at what are they and how to complete them.

The Premigration Steps for an Error-Free Data Movement

These are the steps any admin must complete before transferring mailboxes.

  1. Ensure admin access at both source and destination.
    • Global administrator rights in Zimbra 
    • Organization management role in Microsoft 365.
  2. Create a CSV file for exporting user data.
    • In the Zimbra Admin pane, expand the search toolbar, then press ‘Accounts’.
    • Type the domain name & download it using the option on the search toolbar.
  3. Login to Microsoft 365 admin center, create space for users and assign licenses.
  4. Setup either a public mailbox or email archive mailbox based on the location you want your data to be in.
  5. Keep a tab on the network connection speed and check if the bandwidth is sufficient to handle the transfer or not.
  6. Provide the end users and stakeholders with details of the migration plan and keep them in the loop
  7. Conduct a trial migration prior to beginning the genuine one to make sure everything is migrating toward the right place.

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Issues like invalid permissions, data loss, and connection breakdown can be avoided altogether if proper precautions are put in place. Now we can proceed with the actual method

Manual Archive Procedure for Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration

Use the following steps to move Zimbra data to the Microsoft 365 environment.

Step 1. Unzip the TDZ file

Step 2. Use a professional  CSV to PST converter tool

Step 3. Upload the Converted PST to the Microsoft 365 Account.

  • Obtain a copy of SAS (Shared Access Signature) in the network upload section of the Microsoft Compliance Center.
  • Then acquire the Azure AzCopy tool & utilize it to upload the PST from your local device.
  • In the Microsft Admin Center start the PST import job operation via a mapping file.

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These steps may feel complicated because they are but users need not fret as we have a simplified way of achieving the task at hand.

Automated Tool To Transfer Mailboxes

The complexities of the manual process along with the roadblock of changing file format make it a flawed way to perform Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration. Enter SysTools IMAP to Office 365 migration software



The advanced utility combines robust algorithms and a simplified UI all in a single package. Moreover, the tool is designed in a way so that it can be used by anyone regardless of their technical proficiency.

Use the Steps and Transfer Zimbra to Microsoft 365

Step 1. Install and open the tool then choose the source and destination as IMAP and Office 365 respectively.Launch Tool

Step 2. Navigate towards the Workload Section mark the box next to emails and set a Date filter.

Select Workload

Step 3. Visit the Source Tab from the left side menu in the IMAP server section and select Other, then type in the rest of the details.

Choose Other

Step 4. Validate the admin credentials of your Office 365 account and press NextValidate Destination

Step 5. Add Users via direct Import or download modify and upload the template present in the tool.Attach Users

Step 6. Get a preview of users, select all, or make specific choices then validate and Start Migration.

Start migration

End Note

The discussion on Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration is now complete. We covered everything from the reasons to the manual methods. Moreover, to fast-track the data transfer automated utility is presented too. Now it is up to the user which method they want for fast and secure mailbox migration.