How to Restore Outlook 2010 PST Folder Missing

Anuraag | February 27th, 2018 | General

Has it ever happened to you that you cannot find a folder in your Outlook 2010? Yes, we are talking about an entire folder being missing. It is not uncommon that people accidentally delete Outlook PST folders. This post will talk about what to do in the situation when Outlook 2010 PST folder missing. Three methods of PST folder recovery will be discussed here. Before beginning this conversation of Outlook 2010 PST folder missing, we will go through a user query.

“Outlook 2010 has been my email client for last few years. I have not had any trouble using it in all these days. Last week, I noticed that a folder is missing from Outlook. I find it quite odd but now feeling helpless after losing all emails of that folder. It is possible that my nephew has accidentally deleted the folder. Can anyone suggest me a way out from this situation? I am eagerly looking for a method to restore my missing Outlook folder. I will be ever grateful.”

“I have many unread emails folder that are missing in Outlook 2010. Two day back I saw my Inbox on my work account with many emails but as I came back to work I was not able to get any of emails. I have unread emails folder missing in Outlook 2010 account. Any Suggestions for getting Outlook 2010 PST folder missing?”

How to Recover Missing PST Folder in Outlook 2010

There are a number of ways to retrieve the missing PST folder in MS Outlook 2010. The methods mainly depend upon the location of the deleted items. Once something gets deleted from Outlook, it goes straight to Deleted Items folder. If the missing item is not there, users can check Recoverable Items folder. Here are the techniques to retrieve the missing Outlook folder.

Method 1: Manually Recover Missing PST Folder from Deleted Items folder

  •  Open Outlook 2010 and click on Deleted Items to recover Outlook pst missing folder.
  • If you find the missing item there, select it and do following:
  1. To restore it to Inbox, right-click and select Move>> Other Folder>> Inbox and click OK.
  2. To restore it to calendar, right-click and select Move>> Other Folder>> Calendar and click OK to get Outlook 2010 PST folder missing.
  3. To recover a contact, right-click and select Move>> Other Folder>> Contact and click OK.
  4. To retrieve a task, right-click and select Move>> Other Folder>> Tasks and click OK.

Your deleted or missing item will get restored to your chosen folder and all unread emails folder missing in Outlook 2010 would be back.

Method 2: Restore Outlook Missing Folder if Located in Recoverable Items folder

If the missing folder cannot be located in Deleted Items folder, it may have been hard deleted. Then you have to look for it in Recoverable Items folder.

a) Go to Outlook email folder and click on Deleted Items.
b) Make sure you have selected the Home tab. Now, click on Recover Deleted Items From Server.
c) See if you can find the missing folder. If found, select it and click on Restore Selected Items radio button. Then click OK to restore all Outlook items from this folder.

Note: Sometimes, Outlook folder missing option is grayed out or absent in your Outlook window. The reasons are-

  • Your Outlook may be in offline mode that why Outlook 2010 PST folder missing.
  • You might not be using Exchange Account that cause missing folder in Outlook 2007 / 2010.

Try to fix these issues and the option recover deleted items from server will appear which means Outlook folder missing emails would be back.

Suggestion For Fighting Problem like – Outlook 2010 PST Folder Missing

The method is quite easy and you would easily recover the Outlook 2010 PST missing folders and all unread emails folder missing in Outlook 2010. But to fight back with these problems you can use Outlook to Office 365 Importer that can help you to backup PST to cloud. The whole industry is moving towards cloud so it better to have a regular backup of Outlook data.


It is possible that an entire PST folder has gone missing from your MS Outlook 2010 mailbox. In such situation when your unread emails folder missing in Outlook 2010, users should not panic but start implementing techniques to recover the folders. They can take help of the methods mentioned in this post during Outlook 2010 PST folder missing. Users can apply the method of their choice to recover the deleted folder. As the first two methods do not guarantee success, users should choose the suggestion part to backup PST to Office 365 regularly so that Outlook PST folder missing problem can be cut.