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How to Take cPanel Email Backup? Explained

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Published On November 24th, 2023

Learn about cPanel Email Backup

cPanel is a ‘control panel’, which is a web hosting control panel that simplifies website and server management tasks. It is widely used for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. Now let’s understand why you need to backup emails from cPanel.

Why to Backup Email From cPanel significant?

Why should you care about email backups? As we know, email addresses are an essential pillar of any organization. So, imagine losing all your important email data overnight due to a technical glitch or a server failure.

It is a nightmare scenario for the users. This results in an interruption in your workflow, damages your reputation, and results in considerable data loss.

When it comes to conducting business operations, having an email account linked to a professional domain name is the most reliable way to communicate. Fortunately, cPanel offers this capability.

These precautions help you protect against drastic failures, accidental data loss, and other accidental events. Considering the critical role of backups, it’s no surprise that many individuals are actively seeking ways to download their cPanel emails.

Hence, we have come up with this article, which explains both manual and professional solutions for taking cPanel email backups. Let’s start with the discussion now.

Instant Solution

1. Launch IMAP Backup Software
2. Enter cPanel login credentials
3. Choose desired File format
4. Choose the destination path
5. Lastly, hit start to backup emails from cPanel

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Before starting, you must know that we have two in-built methods and one professional method through which you can take cPanel email backup.

1. Backup cPanel Emails Via File Manager
2. Backup cPanel Mailbox Through Export
3. Backup Through Experts Solutions

How to Take cPanel Backup Through File Manager Method

  1. To follow this method, first sign in to your cPanel account.
  2. Now, hit the Files tab and then the File Manager option.hit Files tab and then File Manager option for cPanel email backup
  3. From the home directory of your account, look for the Mail folder and Select it.look for the Mail folder and Select it
  4. Now click on Mail folders and choose the Compress option.[You can compress the data in .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 formats]choose the Compress option

Don’t change the name and then select the Compress File option

Now, your compressed email files will be visible and stored on your hosting account server. So, now Right-Click on the Compressed file and select the Download option.

You’ll witness that your backup file will be successfully downloaded.

How to Backup cPanel Mailbox Using the Export Option

You can also opt for the export option if you wish to access the cPanel emails on your local system.

This method saves the emails in the standard MBOX format that is supported by free and popular email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. So, follow the steps mentioned below to make your emails easily readable on your machine.

1. First, Log into your cPanel account.
Log into your cPanel account for cPanel email backup

2. Now, choose the Email Accounts option from the email tabchoose the email accounts option from email tab

3. After that, choose the required email account and Check Email option to take the cPanel email backup.Check Email option to take the cPanel email backup

4. Now hit the Horde icon and choose the Open button to read your emails.hit the Horde icon

5. Then, Right-Click on the required mailbox and select the Export button.click on the required mailbox & select the Export button.

6. Finally, hit OK to get all mailbox data in MBOX format on your local machine.

Now, you can easily open MBOX files using Mozilla Thunderbird or other free applications.

These two approaches are simple, but you have to perform these steps carefully. This is so because one wrong step can result in data loss.

Finally, let us move to the last and most useful approach, i.e., the Professional Method.

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How to Take cPanel Email Backup By Using Experts Solutions

You can easily back up emails from cPanel by using this cPanel Email Migration Software. This software is designed in such a way that it can smoothly backup all emails from cPanel. Also, this solution has many advanced and sophisticated features. So let’s start discussing its functioning without further ado.

Follow the Steps to Backup Email Data From cPanel

1. First Download and Install the Software
Download and Install the Software for cPanel email backup2. Afterthat, enter the login details, like Username and Password.
add username and Password to take cpanel backup3. Now, the main screen will be released on the left side of the interface.
main screen will be released4. Now, from there, you can choose any file format according to your requirements.
Here we’ll proceed with the PDF format.  choose any file format5. Next, hit on the “Advanced Settings” icon and choose accordingly whether you want to “Delete After Download” or “Incremental Backup” as per your choice.
hit on the “Advanced Setting”6. Simply enable the Split PST option to set the size at which you’d like to divide it into smaller parts. Then, selectively transfer the data and configure the dates in the Date filter.
enable the Split PST option to set the size7. Back up Telent mail & remove the files from a mailbox by marking the Delete after Download option. Also, choose the Destination Path for the end result by clicking on the browse button.Delete after Download option8. Press the Start Backup button to start the cPanel email backupPress Start Backup button to cPanel email backup
This is an advanced, one-stop platform that can give you solutions for how to back up email data from cPanel. This will give you multiple file format options.

Additionally, if you use the tool again in the future, you can apply the Incremental Backup option to take a backup of only the new data received after the first backup. This will help avoid the creation of duplicates.

Some Related FAQs

Let’s take a look at common questions that users might face while doing backup emails from cPanel.

Q. How to take cPanel email backup?

  1. Launch the Software
  2. Enter cPanel login credentials
  3. Choose desired File format
  4. Choose the destination path
  5. Lastly, hit start to backup emails from cPanel

Q. Can I apply filters while doing backup emails from cPanel through this software?

Yes, this software provides the option to apply filters. This allows you to export your backup emails within a specific date range.

Q. Is it possible to back up specific email folders from cPanel?

Yes, with the above-mentioned software, you can select the folders in your inbox for backup.


In conclusion, cPanel email backup is becoming a necessity in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re a business professional or an individual user, the potential consequences of email data loss are too significant to ignore.

By understanding the importance of email backups and learning how to perform them using cPanel’s built-in methods or professional tools, you’re taking a proactive step toward ensuring the security and continuity of your email communication.

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