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How to Create Group in SharePoint? The Complete Guide

Published By Mohit Jha
Anuraag Singh
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Published On October 31st, 2023

Overview: SharePoint is the part of Office 365 subscription plan. It is a platform used for collaboration. Through this article, you will find how to create group in SharePoint efficiently. The complete step-by-step solution is discussed to create and manage SharePoint groups.

SharePoint plays a vital role in the team’s collaboration between the members of the Organizations. It is a platform for creating websites for Organizations as per the requirements. Basically, if the organization wants to broadcast a circular then it is possible with SharePoint.

But there are multiple departments in the Organization, what if the admin wants to inform a particular department only? Then the SharePoint groups came into the picture. By creating a new group in SharePoint you can add the required users and assign the permissions according to the necessity.

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Why Create and Manage SharePoint Groups?

Let’s start with the benefits that you can get because of the SharePoint Groups.

  • To Manage Permissions Efficiently – In the SharePoint Groups, you can add multiple users to share the same information between them. Here you do not need to assign the permissions individually. The permissions are set and modified for the whole group at once.
  • To improve Collaboration – With the help of SharePoint groups, collaboration becomes easier by adding all the related members. You can create a single group for a project, in which all of them can discuss the project-related tasks and queries easily.
  • To Organize users and content – Keeping all the members of a single project in one place helps to track the status of the project. You can create a group for a particular department or project. So, if you need any resources then you can directly post in that group only.
  • To simplify Security Management – If you setup group in SharePoint then you can restrict the users as per the requirement to maintain security. You can grant the users of the group to access a specific list but also deny to access other lists as well.

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How to Create Group in SharePoint?

Basically, there are different Office 365 Admin roles and responsibilities to manage Office 365. The SharePoint administrator takes care of the SharePoint operations. Before creating a group make sure that you have a SharePoint site. Let’s start with the steps that you need to execute to create SharePoint groups.

Steps to Create SharePoint Groups

Step 1. Open the Office 365 Admin and open SharePoint as admin.

Step 2. Now in the Home Page, Click on the Settings icon and then choose the option of Site Settings from the drop-down.

Step 3. In the Site settings window, hit on the Site permissions under the Users and Permissions.

Step 4. A new window pops up, click on the Create Group icon.

Step 5. Set the name and description of the group, and mention the group owner with the permissions in the Group settings. If you want to make the group visible to all then choose Everyone otherwise Group members. Also, choose who can edit the membership of the group from the Group owner and group members. The group members are of three types

Step 6. Now assign permission to the members of the Group and Click on create

Step 7.  In the created group click on New to add the users.

Step 8. You just need to enter the name or email of the people that you want to add and hit on the Share button to share the invite.

Some Advanced Permissions in SharePoint

  • View – Only able to view the particular content and lists of the site.
  • Read – Read all the pages of the site.
  • Contribute – Able to add or modify the content of the site.
  • Edit – This permission permits the members to view, add, edit, and delete documents of the site.
  • Design – This is the design permissions in which members can add, edit, change, or delete the page layouts.
  • Full – have all the permissions.

This is all about the steps that are required to create group in SharePoint in Office 365. SharePoint uses the Document Library to store the files and folders.

All of the files are maintained in the document library according to their structure. But have you ever thought, if your Organization decides to merge with another or rebrand itself? Then how to copy the document library from one site to another.

How to Shift Data from One SharePoint to Another?

To shift the data from one SharePoint site to another, you can use the most reliable and expert-recommended SharePoint Migration Tool. You can use its smart date filter to filter out the relevant data only. There is an inbuilt dashboard to track the complete migration process.

You can also go for Delta migration which is used to migrate the newly arrived data between the process. All of the applied permissions are also migrated such as user level and group level to create and manage SharePoint groups. The complete summary report is generated to track the whole migration process. You should also follow the SharePoint Online Migration checklist for the error free migration.

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To enhance the collaboration of the Organizations SharePoint plays a vital role. With the help of SharePoint groups, the sharing of a particular information to the specified users becomes easy. In this article, we have explained all the steps that are required to create a Group in SharePoint. An upcoming issue because of the merging of the Organization is also discussed along with the solution. Hence the query of how to create group in SharePoint is solved.