Difference Between OneDrive and Google Drive? Explained

difference between onedrive and google drive

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Published On January 19th, 2024
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Summary: In this blog, you will find the difference between Onedrive and Google Drive in detail.
Different factors are discussed to distinguish between them easily. These factors will help you to choose the best one out of both of the cloud platforms.

These days, cloud platforms are emerging to help Organizations to handle their large data easily. Because of the cloud platforms, you can enjoy their multiple features. The data is stored on the cloud platforms due to which it is easy to access from any location and from any device with the help of the Internet.

There are multiple cloud platform providers in the market. But, there are two cloud service providers that are widely used. One is Google and another one is Microsoft. Both cloud platforms are well known for their utmost security, regular updates, customer support, and many more. Let’s elaborate on each cloud platform.

OneDrive for Business: It is used by the Microsoft 365 users. OneDrive provides different functionalities to store, and access data from any location with the help of the Internet. This is a part of the Microsoft 365 Business plan to store the official data on the cloud so that every member of the team or group can access it.

Google Drive: This is used by the Google users. It provides multiple functionalities to manage the tasks efficiently. It consists of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, and so on. This is a part of the G workspace. It acts as the centralized storage through which every authorized user can access the data.

Similarities between OneDrive and Google Drive

Not all is different between the two services. At their core, both are cloud storage providers, so check out these points where they resemble each other.

Cross-Platform Availability at All Times:
Both G-Drive and OneDrive claim over 99% availability of their service at any time of the day. Moreover, both of them can be accessed using a browser, desktop, or mobile.

Versioning and Collaboration:
Each of them has the support to handle real-time collaboration requests. Moreover, both platforms boast built-in versioning capabilities. Users can restore prior file versions in the event of errors or changes.

Multiple Plans for Diverse User Requirements:
Both cloud storage providers offer different storage quotas. Starting from free it goes all the way to customized enterprise-level plans. So users get the freedom to choose a plan according to their budget and usage.

Despite these similarities, there are key areas where Google and Microsoft choose to take different paths with their cloud storage solutions. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

1. Graphical User Interface

This is the first difference between OneDrive and Google Drive. The user interface plays a significant role to the users while using any application. Both cloud platforms have their unique interface.

Google Drive: Google Drive uses an easy-understanding user interface. It uses all the features in the left panel. There is a simple add button, which helps to upload the files to Google Drive. You can also use it to create the Docs, Sheets, and PowerPoint. There the multiple options like Computer, Shared with me which helps to filter out the data. You can see the Recent option to see the recent data. After deleting any data it moves to the trash, which can be restored through the Trash option.

OneDrive for Business: Microsoft designs the interface of OneDrive in a way that any new user can adapt quickly. Here, all the options are kept on the left side panel. You can access the files from the MyFiles option. Recent data is also accessed by the Recent option. There is a separate option for the Photos. The deleted items were moved to the Recycle bin after performing the deletion.

2. Compare Google Drive and OneDrive Based on the Pricing Plans

Google Drive for Business offers 2 TB of storage for 736 Rs per month. But as per the requirement, you can upgrade the plans to get more space. But pricing also depends on the region where you are accessing it.

The OneDrive provides the 1 TB of cloud storage in the Business plan. It only costs $ 6.00 per month. You can also extend the space of OneDrive as per the requirement by purchasing the advance plans.

3. Security Features to Find the Better From OneDrive vs. Google Drive

Both of the platforms provide better security to the data. There the regular updates in the security features of both cloud platforms. There is also a Storage level security for the data.

Google makes sure that the data is not in plain text while taking the backup. This is possible with the help of DEK. Google Drive uses the AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm to secure the data in the cloud.

OneDrive supports the BitLocker to encrypt the user’s data. It is using the AES 256 bits and FIPS 140-2 compliant. Basically, all the files in OneDrive are divided into chunks and all of the chunks are stored with their unique keys.

4. Desktop Availability

Both of the cloud platforms are using their unique desktop apps. You can find the difference between OneDrive and Google Drive by their supported desktop applications. Due to which data is easily accessible. Don’t you only access the data from the phones or web browsers? You can also access the data from the Desktop application.

Google Drive – Google Offers Google Drive for desktop. Which is used to access the cloud data from the desktop application.

OneDrive for Business – Microsoft offers the by default link of OneDrive in the windows. You can just add your account and access the data of OneDrive in it.

5. Sharing of Data to Compare Google Drive and OneDrive

Cloud platforms are not only used for data storage. These are also used for data sharing with others. You can share your own file with others. There are also permissions for the files that you want to send such as editing or only viewing.

Google Drive – After opening the file that you want to share with others, Click on File on the top left corner and click on the Share option enter the emails of the destination user and then Share.
There is no limit for the destination users, you can add multiple users. It provides the collaboration of the data to other members.

OneDrive for Business – OneDrive also provides the option to share the files with others. After selecting the file, there are multiple options enabled. One of them is the share option to add users for the collaboration.

Scenario to Migrate from One Platform to Another Platform or Vice Versa

Now, you are aware of the difference between OneDrive and Google Drive. You can pick anyone as per the requirement. If you are using Google Drive but want to shift from Google Drive to OneDrive or vice versa. Then there is a professional way that can help you to perform migration from one platform to another.

How to Move from Google Drive to OneDrive?

If you are currently using Google Drive but not satisfied with the Google services. Then you can easily migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive. You can go with the G Suite to Office migration tool to migrate the data. This tool is recommended by the experts because of its several advanced features.

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It is able to migrate all of the data such as emails, calendars, contacts, and more. You can also use the Date Filter to filter out the relevant data only. There is also an option of Delta Migration which supports the migration of emails that are coming during the process of migration. Upon completion, a complete report is generated to monitor all of the tasks that were executed.

How to Move from OneDrive to Google Drive?

If you are a user of OneDrive but now want to move your data to Google Drive, then you can use the OneDrive to Google Drive Migration tool. This tool can move all of the items from OneDrive to Google Drive without any error. You can migrate the document permissions also.

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You are able to set the priority for the accounts that should be migrated first. Using the Delta Migration option you can also migrate Newly arrived items.

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I hope after the complete discussion of OneDrive vs. Google Drive. You got an idea about the features of both cloud platforms. Basically, differentiation between OneDrive and Google Drive depends on the requirements. You can choose the best platform for you as per the pricing and features. Now the query about the difference between OneDrive and Google Drive is resolved.