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6 Ways to Solve the OneDrive Not Signing-in Issue

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On May 9th, 2024

If you are experiencing problems of not being able to connect and sign in, then this article will be the guide to your OneDrive for Business Not Signing in Error. We've explained in detail the ways you'd be able to resolve this issue.

Why are You Experiencing OneDrive for Business Not Signing In Error?

OneDrive is a cloud service developed by Microsoft. You can safely store all your files and data in the cloud using this service and access them from anywhere. Due to its cloud-based nature, it experiences some errors from time to time. In this article, we discuss the solutions to the OneDrive for business not signing in error.

This is an error that many users face and without the proper knowledge of how to fix this issue, users can feel stuck which can greatly impact their productivity.

Usually, the following are the reasons why OneDrive for business cannot sign in:

  1. The operating system has an error while updating.
  2. Network errors can lead to this problem.
  3. The version of OneDrive you are trying to sign in to is not updated.
  4. Errors in the connection between OneDrive servers and the operating system.

These problems are not hard to resolve. So let’s Fix the errors.

How to fix the OneDrive for Business Not Signing in Error?

There can be multiple reasons why OneDrive is not signing in. Following are the most effective methods you can use to solve the issues you are facing:

Method 1: Check the Network Connection

OneDrive not signing is usually because of a network issue, so first you need to check your network and ensure that you have a strong connection using the following methods:

  1. Check if the power supply is connected properly. Make sure that the router you are using is running correctly. You can also restart the router and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. You can check the network connection by opening a few web pages. If the web pages load without any problems, then your connection is working properly.
  3. If there is a problem with the network, you can go into Settings, then Network and Internet, and click on Network Troubleshoot to fix the problem.

Method 2: Restart OneDrive

OneDrive for Business not signing in error can be caused by problems in the boot process. Try to restart OneDrive for business by following the steps given below: 

  1. Click on the OneDrive button and click the More option. Then you can choose Close OneDrive
  2. Click on the start button in the desktop and reopen by clicking on the OneDrive application.

Method 3: Manually Update OneDrive

An outdated OneDrive application can cause problems while signing in. You can manually update OneDrive by following the given steps:

  1. Go to the OneDrive website and click on the Download button to install the latest client to your computer. 
  2. Click on the start button on the desktop and click on the OneDrive application.

Method 4: Disable the Security Features of Your Computer

In a few cases, Firewalls and Antivirus software can cause problems while signing in to OneDrive. You can disable these features temporarily to check whether OneDrive will sign in to your account.

Here are the steps you can follow to disable the security features: 

  1. Go to Windows Security, and click on Virus and Threat Protection.
  2. Click on the Manage Settings option at the bottom.
  3. Turn off the option under Real-Time Protection to disable the security features of your computer.

Here are the steps you can follow to disable the Firewall of your computer.

  1. Go to Windows Security and click on Firewall & Network Protection.
  2. Click on the Private Network option to continue.
  3. Turn off the option under the Windows Defender Firewall

Method 5: Disable the Proxy Settings in Your Computer

OneDrive has no support for Proxy Authentication which could be the reason why OneDrive is not signing in to your account. You can disable this feature to check if this solution resolves your problem. 

Here are the steps you can follow to disable the proxy settings on your computer:

  1. Go into settings, and Network & Internet, and finally into Proxy
  2. Under the Automatic Proxy setup option, turn off the Use Setup Script and turn on the Automatically Detect Settings options.
  3. Under the manual proxy setup, turn off the Proxy Server Switch.

Method 6: Reset the OneDrive Application

When you face OneDrive for Business not signing in error, you can try to reset the OneDrive application. This can fix multiple errors effectively. Follow these steps to reset the OneDrive application on your computer. 

  1. Open the Command Prompt and click on Run As Administrator by right-clicking on the icon.
  2. Enter the %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset prompt and click on enter to save the changes.
  3. You can then restart the OneDrive application and try signing in to your account.

Error-Codes and Their Meaning

Here are the error codes and their associated meanings:

  • Error code 0x8004de34: This error appears when a network connectivity issue occurs. It indicates a temporary stoppage in the network connection. 
  • Error code 0x8004de36: This error pops up when the OneDrive for Business server is facing issues or due to maintenance problems.
  • Error code 0x8004de3b: a user might face this issue while signing in due to a problem with conflict or issue in specific files and folders.
  • Error code 0x8004de3c: This error occurs due to a problem with the user’s Microsoft 365 account. It could be due to an account setting issue or the status of the subscription.
  • Error code 0x8004de40: This error occurs when there is an authentication server problem.
  • Error code 0x8004de55: This error means that the user has exceeded the OneDrive for Business storage quota.


OneDrive for business not signing in error is a common problem among users and there are some easy fixes for this. The user should be aware of these fixes to quickly solve the problems they are facing or it can disrupt their productivity. In this article, we have discussed the solutions with which users can resolve issues. 

In some cases, when none of these solutions work, users can migrate to another account to solve multiple issues at once. Using an automated tool can help you make the migration process much simpler and faster than doing the entire process manually.