Migrate Data from Google Drive to OneDrive: Most Trusted Solution

Mohit Jha | September 2nd, 2020 | Migration, OneDrive

Undoubtedly, Google Drive has become the most widely used and acceptable cloud storage platform that Google has lent to all of its Gmail users for free. The G Drive allows users with 15 GB of free storage space without any cost. In this, users can store their essential documents, and even share and edit them with ease. But, with time Microsoft’s OneDrive has surpassed Google Drive. The reason behind this is its usability and scalability. This is why users wish to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive account and access them with ease.

Secure Approach to Migrate Data from Google Drive to OneDrive

There are several ways for Google Drive to OneDrive migration but all of them are not secure. Free manual solutions are prone to data loss. Also, they consume a lot of time. So for your ease, we have included an automated solution, SysTools Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator. This is the most trusted and recommended solution to migrate Google Drive data to OneDrive account.

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In this upcoming section of the blog, we have mentioned the advanced features which are rendered by the application. Have a look!

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Advanced Features of the Utility

This utility has proved to be one of the best applications to perform cloud migration. It is developed by keeping novice users in mind so that they can work gracefully. It is a standalone application with a user-understandable interface. Also, a demo version of the tool can be used to check the functionality of the tool. After completing the migration procedure, this tool generates a detailed summary report which summarizes all the information about the migration. Also, the folder hierarchy is kept intact after the execution.

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Apart from all these features, a few of the very useful functionalities are mentioned in the section below to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

Excellent features Offered by the Tool

1. Wholly Migrate Data in a go

If you have tons of data and you are looking for a cloud migration solution. Then, it is an ultimate utility to migrate Google Drive data to OneDrive account. By using this utility, users can migrate their Google Drive items like documents, pdfs, text files, etc. to Microsoft OneDrive account in a trouble-free manner. All that users have to do is provide the source and destination admin credentials and validate them. Within no time, the software will migrate the files entirely.

2. Delta Migration Process

Delta migration is the type of migration process which migrates recently arrived data between the same drives. With the delta or incremental migration, no data is duplicated and no data is lost when migrating Google Drive files to OneDrive account. Therefore, the user does not have to migrate the entire data multiple times. This feature allows users to migrate only to new data that has arrived since the last migration was performed.

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3. Stop, Pause & Resume

This feature has resulted in a boon in the situation of crisis. In case of problems such as power outages, low bandwidth, users can stop the processes in progress. You can continue the same process or resume it later. There will be no data loss and data security is properly maintained throughout.

4. Migrate Concurrently Option

Concurrent migration means that the data of multiple user accounts will be migrated at the same time. This boosts up the speed of the entire process and becomes less tedious as multiple accounts can be migrated in a single go. Users have to enable this option and add multiple migration projects in the source and destination windows.

5. Several Filters

Apart from the above-mentioned features, this software has rendered multiple features to provide ease to its users. Users can perform selective migration by applying the date filter. By doing so, the software will migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive account between those dates only.

Steps to Migrate G Drive Data to OneDrive

  • In the Migration Configuration tool section, select the source as G Suite and the destination as Office 365.

main screen

  • Go to the “Workload” section to select the “Document” category and set a date range filter to selectively move data.


  • Now go to the Source tab where you need to enter your G Suite admin ID and project details (for project details, click on the Steps to Create a Project link in the link below). After filling in all the fields, click the “Validate” button to confirm the entered data.


  • Click the Destination tab to provide your Office 365 account information such as Administrator ID and Application ID. After completion, Validate to check the details.


  • To map source and destination platforms, click the Users tab and select the option you want. Here you will have two options:

Fetch Users: This option retrieves all user accounts associated with Google Drive and lists them in the software. Then manually map each source Google Drive ID to the Destination Office 365 user ID.

Import Users: You need to create a CSV file containing a list of G Drive and Office 365 user IDs. You can download the template from the software.

  • After successfully completing the mapping, click the Validate button to authenticate each user account. To begin the procedure, click the “Start Migration” button to start the process. You can preview the current migration status in the software panel.

After the migration is completed, the tool offers the option “Download Report” in two modes: “Summary” and “Detailed”. Download these reports to see how items were successfully moved.

Concluding Statement

In this blog, we have included the most recommended expert solution to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive in an efficient manner. Also, the working steps of Google Drive to OneDrive migrator are very easy so that a non-tech savvy user can perform the migration. Users can opt for the solution if it suits them.