How to Export Rackspace Email to PST Effectively? [Solved]

how to export Rackspace email to pst

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: September 4, 2023 | General | 7 Minutes Reading

As we witnessed, a lot of queries are related to how to export Rackspace email to PST, such as, what are the manual steps of exporting, whether there is any advanced software available that smoothly exports all my emails in one shot, etc. These are only some of them which we’re receiving. So, here we’ve come up with this technical guide in which you will get to know all about how you can export Rackspace email to PST and also provide you with the one-stop solution for all these queries.

Let us first understand why it is becoming necessary for users to take a backup of their important files and folders from Rackspace.

Reasons to Export Rackspace Email to PST

Emails are a vital part of today’s communication system to make business operations smooth and steady. But somewhere it is also becoming a source of risk as well. As you know Rackspace is an email client which provides webmail hosting services to businesses and stores their emails to the cloud. Despite these, why are users searching for solutions for how to export Rackspace email to PST?

The reason is that the expert says that your data should also be stored in offline mode from a security point of view. There are some other reasons as well which are mentioned below:

1. Security concerns: A few days back, Rackspace confirmed that it was hit by a ransomware attack that affected its email services. This cloud service called it an isolated incident but it was a major thing of consideration when it comes to users point of view.
After this case, many organizations were unable to access their Rackspace data and faced many problems. Therefore, it directly implies of lack of security service. That’s why to secure important emails, users consider taking backups. That’s why to secure important emails, users consider taking bakeup.

2. Introduction to Latest Technology: Technology is constantly changing and updating. So, if you want to export Rackspace email to PST, then it will be easy to export them to new platforms according to your desired format.

3. Limited Storage Space: Rackspace provides only 25GB of storage space to its users. And sometimes it exceeds its limit. So, when it happens users will not be able to receive/send emails. Therefore, in this situation, the user needs to make space for the new emails, and for that, they export old emails and save them accordingly.
Let us move forward and discuss different methods of how to export Rackspace email to PST.

Quick Steps: Export Rackspace Email to PST by downloading the Expert’s Recommended IMAP Backup Tool and follow the quick steps.

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1. Download and install the software
2. Choose the Hostname & Enter credentials
3. Apply necessary advanced filters
4. Press the Start Migration button to export.

Manual Method to Export Rackspace Email to PST

This is the method which is given by Rackspace itself. This is only applicable when you have less number of email files to export. Below are the steps you need to follow if you want to go with this method.

Step 1. First, sign in to the archive manager.
Step 2. On the left side of the dashboard, click on the searches.
Step 3. Then, find the search name that you have to export and Run.
Step 4. Select the checkboxes of emails you want to export and click the Export option.
Step 5. Click on Next to confirm how many emails you want to export
Step 6. Select the file format as PST.
Step 7. Provide an Export name, then mark the box to receive a notification when the export is ready.
Step-8. Now click on the Request Export option.
Step-9. Click the Export tab to start the downloading process.
Step-10. Lastly, find your export search and click on Download.

Done! After performing these steps your data will be exported to PST file format. However, it has some limitations as well. Let us also know about those certain restrictions while you opt for the manual method to export Rackspace email to PST.

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Limitations of the Inbuilt Approach By Rackspace

1. Firstly, it is only available to users with Admin, Compliance, or Search Admin privileges.

2. You can export search results with a maximum of 20GB size or 30K results.
3. Furthermore, if you want to bulk export Rackspace email to PST while using its inbuilt method, you have to pay $9 per GB of PST files.
So, in short, if you have more data then it’s gonna be a longer and more time-consuming method.
4. The biggest problem with this method is that you can only export less number of Rackspace emails. If you are willing to export the ‘n’ number of emails then you need to go for the advanced method.

So, Let us discuss this advanced software in detail which definitely would be your one-shot solution of how to export Rackspace email to PST in different file formats.

Quickest Way To Export Rackspace Email to PST By Using Advanced Method

This method is completely automated as it is specially designed to export multiple Rackspace emails in different file formats. So, in order to export from Rackspace use the expert’s suggestion IMAP Backup Tool for quick results.

Further, you will be provided with various Data filtering options as well which can allow you to take the selective backup of IMAP mailbox data on Mac OS. secondly, with the Incremental Backup option, you can skip the already downloaded emails and only save the newly arrived ones in PST file format. So, when searching for a solution for how to export Rackspace email to PST, you can easily opt for this advanced method with lots of eye-catching inbuilt features.

Note: This tool supports macOS and the users who are running with the latest macOS can also follow the given steps below.”

So, without further ado, let’s get familiar with the step-by-step guide to this advanced method.

Before moving forward with further steps, make sure you have downloaded the software.

Step 1. Run the software on your Mac Device.

Run the software

Step 2. Choose IMAP Hostname Rackspace.
choose imap hostname

Step 3. Next, provide the accurate credentials, and after that, the Software automatically fills the IMAP Server and Port No.
provide credentials

Step 4. On the next screen, you will see different file formats. Choose the desirable format in which you want to export Rackspace email to PST.
choose file format

Additionally, below that you can see advanced settings. Select the “Delete After Download” option and “Incremental Backup”
advanced setting option

Step 5. Finally, click on Start Backup to begin the process of export.
start backup

And we are done after performing these steps. You will find all selected email files are exported from the Rackspace email client to your desired destination.

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Final Say

If you want to keep a backup of your Rackspace email, exporting it is crucial. Fortunately, you can do it quickly and easily by using the advanced software mentioned above. Just follow the steps provided by your chosen export method. It’s essential to save your export to a safe location to ensure that you have access to them in the future, especially if you’ve deleted them from your Rackspace account.