How to Migrate Teams Channel to Another Team? Efficiently

How to Migrate Private Channels in Teams?

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Published On January 30th, 2024
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Summary: Microsoft Office 365 is a SaaS and provides Teams application. It is used for communication between the employees in an Organization. However, for some reason, there is a need to migrate Teams channel to another team. But the question arises how. So through this article, you will find a complete guide on how to migrate Teams private channel efficiently.

Microsoft Office 365 Teams has many features such as groups, private channels, public channels, and many more. All of the features of the Teams have their importance. The private channels in the Teams are used for communication between the permitted users only.

As per the Organization’s requirements, there are certain people in the project and to maintain their work integrity they all put into a private channel. However, as the project changes, the private channels must migrate to extract the relevant information from them. Private channels are not only used because of data privacy but for other reasons as well. Let’s find these reasons.

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Benefits of Creating Private Channels in Teams

There are multiple benefits of having a private channel in Teams. Let’s explore some major reasons.

  1. The private channels in Teams provide focused collaboration to the project members. You can make a private channel and add the specified members to that channel only for project-related queries and discussions.
  2. The integrity and security of the data sharing is increased. Because no one can access the information from the private channels until it becomes part of the channel. It can be important for financial-related discussions also.
  3. Because of the part of the private channel, the members-only receive the notification from that group. It reduced the noise and distraction for the members of the channel.
  4. By using the approach of private channels, it is also helpful for the project managers to keep track of the status of the project from one channel only in a private mode.

After discussing the benefits of the private channels in Teams. Different situations occur to transfer channels between teams. Let’s explore it in detail.

Why Migrate Teams Channel to Another Team?

Due to the continuous changes of the projects in the Organization, some of the employees have shifted to the new private channel as per their project. But sometimes there is a situation when some of the new project-related tasks can be achieved by the previous project.

Usually, there are different Admin roles in Office 365. But, at that time the Teams administrator came into the picture to migrate the private channels in Teams. Due to the unavailability of the manual method to transfer channels between teams. Teams administrators are using the professional method to move private channels between Teams.

How to Migrate Teams Private Channels Professionally?

Due to the absence of the manual method and to maintain the data privacy of the Teams channels. The administrators prefer the Teams Migration tool to move private channel between Teams. During the migration, the whole data of the channels is kept as safe and secure. You also need to follow the Microsoft Teams Migration checklist for the successful migration.

One of the reasons to use this tool is its user-friendly interface due to which a non-technical user can also operate this tool. This tool has multiple features that make the migration of private channels easy. Using this tool you can also migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another effortlessly.

Features that Make the Process Easy

  • Migrate Microsoft Teams, Groups, Files, Channels, and Channel chats.
  • Also migrate Teams Site, Links, members, and members permissions.
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy throughout the process.
  • Maintain the modifying record of messages by Timestamps.
  • Provides the option of Delta Migration to migrate Teams private channel’s recent data.
  • Compatible with the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 & 2016 versions.

Step-By-Step Solution to Migrate Teams Channel to Another Team

Step 1. Download and Run the tool on the system.

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Step 2. Select Office 365 for both Source and Destination.

select source and destination platforms

Step 3. Now, under the workload click on the Teams, then the Team creation, channel creation, channel message, and files selected automatically. You can also select the groups if required.

select the items under the workload section

Step 4. In the Source tab, Enter the Admin Email and Application ID. Click on the Validate button for the successful validation. After the validation is completed hit on Next.

complete the source credentials

Step 5. It’s time to enter the details of the destination. Enter the destination email and Application ID. Validate them and hit on Next.

complete the destination credentials

Step 6. Here comes the Resource tab under the Users screen, You can load the users through distinct options such as Fetch users, Import Users, and Download Template as per the need.

load the users

Step 7. Now come to the Teams screen, add the Teams from Fetch Teams, Import Teams, and Download Template options.

fetch the teams

Step 8. Now click on Start Migration to migrate Teams channel to another team..

hit the start migration button

Step 9. When the migration of Teams gets completed. Click on the Re-Run Migration dropdown and select the Mark Teams Complete option.

migration options to mark the process complete

Step 10. If you want to migrate the Groups then open the Groups screen and fetch the groups.

load the groups

Step 11. After the groups are visible on the screen, Click on Start Migration to migrate the groups.

start migration

Note: – In the drop-down of the Re-Run Migration there are multiple options. But these options only work if you do not click on the Mark Teams Complete option.

  • Retry Failed items – If the migration fails because of any reason, then you can run the migration for the failed items.
  • Re-Run Full Migration – If you want to run the migration again then use the Re-Run Full Migration.
  • Delta Migration – Use this option to migrate the newly arrived data during the process of migration.


The most asked query How to migrate Teams channel to another Team is solved. There is a need to move channels between Teams when a new project is assigned to a member that requires data from the previous channel. At that time you start searching, for how to migrate Teams private channels. However, there is no manual method to perform the migration of channels. So, through this article, we have explained the complete step-by-step solution which is experts recommended to move private channel between teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we convert a private channel to a public one?

Ans – No, there is no option available in the Teams to convert from a private channel to a public one.

Q2. Can we move channels from one Team to another Team?

Ans – There is no option to migrate channels from one Team to another in Microsoft Teams. But it is possible with the above-mentioned tool.

Q3. Which type of channel is best for discussing the essential information?

Ans  – The private channels are the ones that are best for important discussions.

Q4. Are the private channels visible to all Team members?

Ans – No, the private channel members are only visible to the members who are added to the channel.