How To Solve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Problem?

Solve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Problem

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Published On October 20th, 2023
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If you are someone who frequently receives a large number of attachments via Gmail, or uses Google Drive for the purpose of storing a lot of data then you must have faced issues with the Gmail storage limit. Google provides only 15 GB of free storage to its users which is shared by Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive. Using all these services means competing for space. So, in this article, we will discuss the methods by which you can resolve your Gmail storage quota exceeded problem?

Table Of Contents:

  1. How Gmail Storage Limit Is Shared With Other Google Services?
  2. What Does Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Mean?
  3. Methods To Solve Gmail Storage Limit Exceeded Problem
  4. Fix The Problem Using Professional Gmail Backup Software
  5. Why Use A Professional Software Tool To Fix Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Problem?
  6. Conclusion

How Gmail Storage Limit Is Shared With Other Google Services?

An email (except those with attachments) takes up very little space in comparison to any other file. However, the mail that exists in archives, spam, and trash folders also contributes to occupying storage space. Gmail storage limit is also occupied by two other services frequently used by users. They are Google Drive and Google Photos. 

Each and every file in your Google Drive including documents, spreadsheets, form, etc. take up space. Similarly, all the photos and videos stored in your Google Photos take up a lot of space. All of these results in the gmail storage quota exceeded problem faced by a user. 

What Does Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Mean?

As soon as your Gmail storage quota is exceeded a message will be displayed on the top of your webpage saying, you can’t send or receive emails because your gmail storage quota has exceeded. As long as you don’t free up some space or purchase any extra space the normal Gmail service won’t be available. However, you will be able to see the existing emails as well as the related attachments. 

Also, you won’t be able to use any other services of Google. For example, you can’t upload files to your Google Drive, any automatic backups and syncs will fail, etc. It doesn’t mean that Google will delete your data but it won’t let you add any for sure. 

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Methods To Solve Gmail Storage Limit Exceeded Problem

Here, we have discussed some of the manual methods, following which you can fix your Gmail storage quota exceeded problem:

  • Delete Unimportant Messages From Your Gmail

Go to your Gmail account and look for the unimportant messages that can be deleted. Then click the “Delete” option. Click on the “Bin” option in the “Menu” on the left and click on the “Empty Bin Now” option. 

  • Empty Google Drive Trash

Go to your Google Drive interface and click on the “Trash” option in the left taskbar. Click on the “Trash” option on the top and then click on the “Empty Trash” option. 

  • Compress Google Photos

If you have been saving all your photos and videos in their original size then they will be taking a lot of space in your Google account. To compress their size go to your Google Photos interface, click on the “Main Menu”, and then on “Settings”. Switch the option to high quality and then click on “Recover storage”.

  • Expand Google Storage Limit

Users who don’t have enough space even after following the above-mentioned methods will need to buy the Google One subscription offered by Google. You will get 100 GB or 200 GB storage as per your purchased plan. 

Fix The Problem Using Professional Gmail Backup Software

The Gmail storage quota exceeded issue can also be solved using SysTools Gmail backup software as it will allow you to save all the data on your system. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to effortlessly create and save the backup of all your Gmail data.

Step 1. Go to “All Programs” and then open the Gmail backup software to provide your login credentials and then click on “Login”.

provide Gmail login credentials

Step 2. Now “Select email format” as per your requirement and then select the “Category” of items you want to backup from your Gmail account.

select category of items

Step 3. Choose the file type and destination where you want your files to be saved. Click on “Browse” to select the destination and then click “OK”.

select location to save file

Step 4. The “Delete After Download” option allows you to remove all your data from the server after you are done downloading it on your computer. 

select delete after download

Step 5. The “E-mail Filter” allows you to create a backup of only the selected folders within the specified time intervals.

select email format and time interval

Step 6. The software will now start the process and a popup will appear after the download has been completed successfully. Now click on “OK”. 

start the download process

Why Use A Professional Software Tool To Fix Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Problem?

The above-mentioned professional software tool is a better method to fix your Gmail storage quota exceeded problems in the following ways:

  • Backing up data can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, you won’t feel the same while using this software as it makes the process easy with its Email filter which lets you download selected files from a specific time interval. 
  • It allows you to backup emails into PST / MSG / MBOX / EML in any format. 
  • You don’t need to worry if your connection is lost in between the download process as this software allows you to resume your download from where you left. 
  • This software lets you delete the files on the server after you download them on your computer. 


If you are a frequent user of Google apps and services then you should not let yourselves face this Gmail storage quota exceeded problem. You can’t take the risk of getting your email or any other service blocked. Thus, it will be a smart decision to take the help of the Gmail backup software mentioned above in this article to prevent such a situation.