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How to Take Rediffmail Backup? [Complete Guide]

Published By Siddharth Sharma
Anuraag Singh
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Published On October 18th, 2023

Want to know the solution of how to take Rediffmail backup? Then we must say you have landed on the correct page. This article will assure you the top solutions from all over the internet to resolve the issues. Also, this provides you the solutions on how to fix that while doing backup. Along with that, we also discuss a shot solution through which you can easily take a backup of Rediffmail. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Amongst all over the world, Various users want to know the steps to download their data from the cloud-based service; Rediffmail. The major reason is users do not trust the protection that the cloud provides.

So, if Rediffmail is in use globally then, the query on how to backup Rediffmail inbox is also increasing. Therefore let’s discuss the possible approaches to backup Rediffmails.

Instant Solution

1. Launch IMAP Backup Software
2. Enter Rediffmail login credentials
3. Choose a desired File format
4. Choose the destination path

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What are the Methods of Rediffmail Backups

If we talk about different approaches through which you can take a backup of Rediffmail, then we have two methods.

  • Manual inbuilt method
  • Professional Method.

So, let us discuss them one by one to make your findings relevant.

How to Take Backup of Rediffmail Account Manually

When it comes to backup methods, traditional techniques aren’t very dependable and have many shortcomings. In the manual method, you will be provided with only two file format choices i.e. pdf and .html files. So let us discuss the key steps of this approach.

1. Open Rediffmail and provide credentials i.e. Username and Password.

2. Now open the desired file whose backup up want to take.

3. You can see three dots on the right of the interface, choose the print option.

If you opt for the print option then your file will be saved in PDF format

Another option for saving the file for backup

1. Right-click on the email whose backup you want to take

2. Afterthat, right-click on the email and tap the Save As option

3. After choosing the option, you can see that your file will be saved in .html file format.

So, this is the in-built solution which as you can see now has some limited saving options. If you want to take backup of your emails in the other file format then you can opt for the professional method. This will provide you with multiple features. so, let’s also discuss this solution as well.

How to Take Rediffmail Backup Quicky Through Professional Solution.

Since there is no such beneficial manual method available to download the messages to the local device, we are here with a smart technique.

Use the Mac IMAP Email Backup Tool to backup your data from the mailbox you want directly by logging in to your account.

By using the tool, you can download IMAP mailbox to PST and other file formats such as EML, MSG, PDF, MBOX, HTML, EMLX, TXT, CSV, & MHT.

If you are worried about how to take Rediffmail backup in bulk, then your worry will surely end here. With the help of this tool, you can download the data in bulk and that is from a specific time period.

There are various features we will talk about in the upcoming sections after learning the steps of the software.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Export Emails from Rediffmail

1. First Download and Install the software

Download and Install the Software

2. Next, enter the login details like Username and Password.

add username and Password3. Now, the main screen will be seen on the left side of the interface. Now, from there you can choose any file format according to your requirements.

main screen will be released

Here we’ll proceed with the PDF format

4. Next, click the “Advanced Setting” icon and choose accordingly whether you want to “Delete After Download” & “Incremental Backup”.

hit on the “Advanced Setting” and other options available

5. Now simply, enable the Split PST option to set the size at which you’d to divide into smaller parts.

Then, selectively transfer the data, and configure the dates in the Date filter.

enable the Split PST option to set the size

6. Back up Telent Mail & remove the files from a mailbox by marking the Delete after Download option. Also, choose the Destination path for the end result by clicking on the browse button.

Delete after Download option

7. Press the Start Backup button to Rediffmail email backup

tap Start backup to see the results on how to take rediffmail backup

This is the advanced one-stop platform that can give you solutions for how to back up email data from Rediffmail. This will also give you multiple file format options.

Additionally, If you use the tool again in the future, you can apply the Incremental Backup option to take a backup of only the new data received after the first backup. Also, This will help avoid the creation of duplicates.

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Some FAQs

Q. How often should I backup my Rediffmail Account?

It is advisable to take Rediffmail Backups regularly, especially if you frequently send and receive important emails. A monthly backup is a good practice so that your emails are safe.

Q. How does this professional solution enhance Data Security?

This reputable professional backup software is designed to automate and streamline the backup process. Also, it is designed by putting security in mind. Look for software that offers encryption and secure storage options to protect your emails are safe.

Q. Can this software handle large Redliffmail accounts?

Yes, professional backup software is capable enough to handle both small as well as large Rediffmail accounts. It also ensures that no email or contact is left behind.


In today’s era of email communications, safeguarding your data should be your primary duty. Regular backups are crucial for ensuring its security whether you choose the manual method or the professional backup software.

You must take proactive steps to protect your emails to guarantee peace of mind in this ever-changing world. Remember, if you’re in search of how to take Rediffmail backup, then this blog must empower you to how to keep your valuable information safe and accessible whenever you need it.

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