How Do Emails Migrate from Gmail to Zoho Mail Effortlessly?

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Published On October 23rd, 2023
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Overview- Do you want to migrate from Gmail to Zoho mail? Then we must say you have landed on the correct page. Through this medium guide, you will get all the solutions on how you can migrate emails from Gmail to Zoho mail smoothly. To accomplish the task of providing you with the quick and easiest solution, this guide will help you out. Here we will discover one professional solution that makes your migration smoother in one shot.. So, let’s discuss that through step by step.

In this blog, we will walk through the key steps to transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail, so that you’ll get over that hump and get all emails migrated from Gmail to Zoho quickly and efficiently.

What could be the reasons behind this migration from Gmail to Zoho mail? So the answer might be straight Zoho Mail is not providing you the requirements and expectations.

Zoho Mail, as you may know, is a part of Zoho CRM. It is used as a bridge to generate a good relationship between the user and the consumer. Gmail on the other hand is the top-rated webmail service.

In fact, free 15GB is provided by Gmail Storage Quota. Whereas, Zoho Mail used to have an easier way of having an email forwarding function, which ended in January 2018.
In fact, free 15GB is provided by Gmail Storage Quota.

Zoho and Gmail are both popular email cloud-based email applications used by users. Both provide similar services but still users find a better professional environment with Gmail.

So let’s discuss both approaches step by step.

Instant Solution to Migrate From Gmail to Zoho Mail

  1. Launch Gmail to IMAP Migrator Software
  2. Enter Credentials of Gmail and validate
  3. Now, choose a destination as Zoho Mail
  4. Provide credentials for the same
  5. Apply Advanced settings if required
  6. Lastly, click on Migration.

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Migrate Emails From Gmail to Zoho Through Smart Solution

To get instant migration, you can opt for this efficient utility. IMAP Migration Software is the solution for transferring your Gmail to Zoho Mail effectively. This automated solution will help you to provide the entire migration.

It permits you to transfer multiple email files as per your requirement from the source account to the destination account securely.

Any user can simply even if not have any hardcore technical knowledge.

So, let us know the steps through which you can perform the software.

Steps to Migrate Emails From Gmail to Zoho Mail

To know the procedure for this automated solution, First Download the software and follow the steps given in the below segments.

Important: Before processing the migration process make sure that all the IMAP settings are enabled for the source and destination Account.

  1. First, from the Source choose Gmail as a Hostname and provide the credentials of the same.
    choose Gmail as a Hostname and provide credentials to migrate from gmail to zoho mail
  2. Now, choose the Destination as Zoho Mail and similarly provide credentials of the same, and then validate.
    choose the Destination as Zoho Mail and provide credentials
  3. Click on Advanced settings if you desire to add the filters while migrating.
    Click on Advanced settings if you want
  4. Here you can provide the Date & Folder filter and click Save.
    provide the Date & Folder filter
  5. Next, click on the Start Migration to transfer gmail to Zoho mail
    click on the Start Migration to migrate from gmail to zoho mail
  6. The ongoing process will then be seen on the interface. After completion, a pop-up will appear, click OK

 click OK on the pop up to migrate from gmail to zoho mail

Things to Consider While initiating the process of Migration

Some key points are there that you have to take care of while migrating Gmail to Zoho Mail. These are-

  • You must ensure IMAP access and generate a Google app password.
  • Make sure that you have 48.7 MB of free hard disk Before the installation of the Software.

Some Advanced Features of Gmail to Zoho Mail Migrator Software

Let us discuss some of the striking features of this Migrator software.

  • Import specific Gmail emails to Zoho Mail.
  • Export multiple Gmail accounts to Zoho Mail.
  • Keeps your folder structure and metadata during the transfer.
  • Filter emails by date, subject, recipient, and more.
  • Creates a migration log report.
  • Moves attachments from Gmail to Zoho Mail.
  • Batch migration for multiple emails.
  • Easy installation on Windows.
  • Try it for free with a demo version.
  • Save Gmail emails to a flash drive directly.

Some FAQs

Q. Is it possible to migrate newly arrived Emails to Zoho?
Yes, of course. With the help of this advanced Delta Migration feature, you can skip the previously migrated emails and move only the new emails.

Q. Why is it necessary to migrate from Gmail to Zoho Mail Through a Professional solution?
This expert choice solution ensures a smoother and more efficient transition, reducing the risk of data loss and minimizing downtime.

Q. Is there any additional configurations required for importing successfully?
While using this solution, you need to go through the additional configurations. However, there are some of the key takes which you need to make sure before performing steps:

  • IMAP should be enabled
  • If 2-step authentication is enabled then use App Password to log in or disable 2-step authentication.

Let’s Conclude

In this guide, we have explained how to migrate from gmail to Zoho mail account directly. The tool that we followed in this guide is a professionally tested solution that is recommended by our experts.

It has no errors and provides clean and secure results. There are no limitations to converting Gmail emails to Zoho mail. Plus, the wonderful, as well as intuitive interface, is a bonus for you! Now, you can download this software and start a hassle-free migration of Gmail data into your Zoho Mail account.

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