Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 without Hassles – Introduction

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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Summary: In this article, you will find how to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 without any hassle. Different methods are discussed to perform the migration. One Automated solution is also discussed to do the migration of Yahoo Mail into O365 efficiently.

Why do users need to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365? In the modern world, we can consider emails as one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Yahoo.com used to be an extensively used email client but it didn’t make any significant progress over time.

Hence, nowadays it seems like Yahoo just disappeared somewhere. Its competitors expanded their verticals & improved their service offerings. This is where all the users operating on Yahoo started searching for better alternatives. Businesses having bulk data files on Yahoo now want to transfer it to other cloud platforms like Google, Microsoft, etc.

In this short & crisp article, we are going to understand why is it a good choice to perform this data migration operation. Moreover, we are going to learn the conventional methods with their limitations. Later we’re going to focus on the best & reliable method to do so. Read this complete article to get a  great insight into this operation.

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What’s the Need for Yahoo Mail Migration to Office 365?

When users want to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365, the first question that comes to our mind is what are the benefits of Office 365? So there’s not a single benefit but various other factors that users consider to be important in making this data migration decision. Below are the most crucial reasons mentioned:

  • Better Scalability
    Microsoft offers several plans from low to high prices for all types of businesses. As an organization grows, it can easily opt for a higher plan with extra benefits. Yahoo does not offer such diversity in the range of prices.

  • Advanced Offerings
    When users opt for Office 365, they not only receive email services but also various utilities of Microsoft that are proven useful in business operations. Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, etc are its most helpful offerings. These benefits were not present in Yahoo.

  • Security & Compliance
    Microsoft spends billions of dollars every year on the betterment of the security of its infrastructure. If your data is kept under Microsoft surveillance, then it is considered to be the safest place. Such security measures are not present in Yahoo which makes businesses a little worried about their crucial data files. This is why migrating Yahoo mail to Office 365 is a better option for users.

  • Technological Advancement
    Tech innovation is the prime focus of Microsoft and they always come forward for providing advanced technology that small players in the game cant come up with. Data visualization & business intelligence program known as Power BI smoothly integrates with various products & applications of Microsoft.

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Know the Manual Methods Available for this Operation

Now it’s time to find the manual method that can help to perform migration. But there is no direct manual method available. Firstly you need to convert the Yahoo data file into the PST file because Office 365 imports the PST file only. You can do this by some steps.

Convert Yahoo File into PST File Format

1. Change the Account security of Yahoo Mail.
2. Now Open the Microsoft Outlook and set up the account.
3. Add a new account with the essential credentials and select the POP or IMAP option.
4. Enter the pop.mail.yahoo.com in the Incoming mail server.
5. Enter the smtp.mail.yahoo.com in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP).
6. Now Click on More Settings > POP and IMAP Settings > and enter an account name.
7. In the Outgoing server tab, choose the option of Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server. After that restart Outlook.
8. Click on the Send/Receive option > Select Send/Receive all folders. Finally, all Yahoo mail folders are imported into Outlook and the Yahoo file is saved in the PST format.

After converting the Yahoo file into the PST file you can go with the two methods to import that file into Office 365. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Method 1. Use Network Upload 

There is a built-in option in Office 365 to import the PST files into Office 365. These are steps that you need to perform.

  1. Go to Compliance.microsoft.com and log in with the credentials.
  2. Now go to the Data Lifecycle Management option and in Microsoft 365 choose Import.
  3. Click on the (+) sign to import a new job.
  4. Choose the option of Upload your data from the wizard.
  5. Now you can see the SAS URL, copy that URL, and start downloading the AzureCopy tool.
  6. Now run the azcopy.exe copy  “<Source location of PST files>” “<SAS URL>” command in the Command Prompt.
  7. Create a CSV file to specify the location of mailboxes.
  8. Select the options “ I’m done uploading my files” and “I have access to the mapping file”.
  9. Upload the CSV file, hit Save, and Close.
  10. Then Microsoft officials will give you the age of data to perform filtering. Click on Import and the process starts.

Limitation of Network upload

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • The most complex process to perform.
  • It requires sufficient internet bandwidth throughout the process.
  • This method is limited to certain countries only.
  • Able to import the PST files which have 2 GB of size only.

Method 2. Drive Shipping to Import the PST File into O365

  1. Prepare a hard drive to store all the data in it.
  2. Properly manages the PST file with the folder hierarchy.
  3. Copy the PST file into the hard drive and encrypt the data.
  4. Generate a drive shipping request through the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  5. Now, pack the hard drive properly with the relevant documents choose a shipping company, and dispatch the order.
  6. After a while after reaching the hard drive to the Microsoft data center and performing the import process. You can verify your data.

Limitations of Drive Shipping

  • It is time-consuming because of the physical data transfer to the allotted data center.
  • Data loss and damaging issues during the shipping.
  • It is Expensive because Microsoft charges 2$ per GB to perform importing.
  • You cannot use this method for multiple times because of too much overhead.

Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Using Automated Solution

For users who do not want to opt the risky manual methods, automated solutions are the recommendations for them by Microsoft’s MVPs & IT experts. An automated solution involves a dedicated tool specially developed for this particular task. Users can opt for the SysTools IMAP Migrator that is capable of executing this task in a safe manner. Moreover, users can transfer selective data files through this approach.

This way organizations can save their valuable time, money, and other resources that can be of more use at some other place.

Step-by-Step guide Using Advanced Tool

Follow the below steps carefully if you want to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 in a safe manner without facing complexities. Download the tool from the below buttons & proceed.

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Step-1. Activate the utility, Select Source[IMAP] & Destination[Office 365] platforms.


Step-2. Select Email category & Configure the Date Filter features.

step-2 Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Step-3. Enter Server address for  the Source & Credentials for Destination platforms >> Validate the necessary permissions & proceed further.


Step-4. Add Users through the two available options [Import & Download Template].


Step-5. Provide Source App Password >> Validate Permissions.


Step-6. Finally, Click on the Start Migration button.


To Sum Up

In this blog, we’ve successfully discussed why do we need to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365 without hassle. We learned the manual & automated ways to get this operation done without any errors in the least possible time. The final say regarding this topic is that choosing the best approach with the tool affects the results significantly.

Evidently, selecting manual methods is not at all a wise choice as there’s risk involved here that too after spending extra. If any of the users want to execute this task for their business, they can select the above-mentioned tool as it is made dedicatedly for this operation with advanced algorithms.

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