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How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 Users? Streamlined Approach.

Published By Siddharth Sharma
Anuraag Singh
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Published On May 8th, 2024
In this write-up, we will discuss some ways for admin and normal users to setup multi-factor authentication for Office 365. Also, this article will answer all your queries regarding setting up multifactor authentication for Office 365 users. Let's deep dive and understand first what MFA is, and how MFA works. Also, does Microsoft 365 provide Multifactor authentication for its users?

What is Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365 and How Does It Work?

In general terms, Multifactor authentication refers to the security measure taken where layers of authentication techniques are applied to secure the system or app. Let’s understand what is MFA to learn how to setup multifactor authentication for Office 365 users.

For an example –

Multi-factor authentication is like adding an extra lock to your home. if someone stole your key (password), they wouldn’t be able to enter without the code from your phone (second factor), or maybe you can implement another security technique like fingerprint(third factor).
Microsoft 365 also supports MFA which can be enabled by an admin for all users. When user login to their account they will be notified to set MFA, with an easy visual guide.

How Does MFA Work in Microsoft 365?

Let’s understand this in steps –

Step 1. You enter your ID and password to log in to Office 365.

After login, there is another prompt to enter another authentication code.

Step 2. Then, you provide another identity, like:

  • Code sent to your phone
  • Fingerprint scan
  • security question answers like birth place, first school, and pet name.

How MFA works


Pictorial representation of MFA.

After understanding what is an MFA and how it works, let’s get further in our blog to setup multifactor authentication for Office 365 users

Does Microsoft 365 Provide MFA?

Yes, as an extra layer of security for users, Microsoft 365 supports MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). They recommend organizations, to enable MFA for all their users.

Office 365 offers two ways to set up MFA –

By Default: This is a free option that lets the admin enable MFA for all users with some basic controls.

Conditional Access Policies: This method requires a paid license or provides more control and additional features to leverage MFA.

It doesn’t implement MFA itself. Instead, it provides the tools and features that the admin can configure to enable and manage MFA for their users.

According to subscription plans, Microsoft provides services to their users, their plans may include MFA but initially, for Office 365 Home it is not available. To know about Microsoft 365 plans in detail you can read this article Microsoft E3 vs. E5 – Difference in Office 365 Plans in Detail

There are multiple user bases for Office 365 subscription plans-

  • Office 365 trial user – MFA is available from 21st October 2019.
  • Office 365 Business- it supports enabling of MFA by an admin.
  • Office 365 Home – doesn’t come with MFA but users can use Microsoft Authenticator.

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 Users?

To setup multifactor authentication for Office 365 users need to ask their Admin. It helps to secure Office 365 by asking for two or more ways to log in to your Microsoft 365 account. Microsoft all its Office 365 admins to set up and enable MFA for users.

NOTE: All these steps should be performed by the global Admin.

  • For managing MFA one should be a global admin.
  • If you have already enabled legacy per-user MFA then disable it.

Steps to Enable or Set Up MFA in Office 365.

1. Log in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as Admin.
2. Navigate to Identity , then select Overview and click on Properties
3. Choose Manage security defaults.
4. Enable Security defaults.
5. Click on Save.

After following all these steps user can able to apply MFA on their account.

Problematic Scenario While Applying MFA For Office 365

But Office 365 business users and normal users, can face difficulties in applying MFA or using the Microsoft Authenticator tool. Using an Authenticator app that pushes frequent popups or other tools, could be irritating for the user.

In this case, the user may want a secure system that can provide them ease while ensuring their data safety, here comes a magnificent tool that provides an efficient way and data safety. We always want to streamline the process by avoiding unnecessary steps involved in setting up things that may require some expertise.

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In this case, we suggest backing up your data on your system securely and deleting unwanted or backup files. This can provide relief from the stress of data loss and data theft. So you can back up your data by Using a Secure and efficient Office 365 backup tool.

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Step-By-Step Process to Backup Your Data.

After learning how to setup multifactor authentication for Office 365 users. Let’s see the steps to migrate using this proficient tool.

  • Download the tool from the above link and install it.
  • Click on Setup and navigate to Backup, select source As Office 365.
  • hover over on Destination and select Outlook.
  • Scroll down to the Workload section and select the categories you want for backup.
  • You can also select the date range filter from the provided field.
  • In the Source tab enter the Admin Email ID and Application ID (steps provided in tool guide).
  • After filling in all details click on Validate.
  • Click on next.
  • In the Destination tab select the destination folder and maximum backup file size.
  • Click on validate and click next.
  • Navigate to the Users tab and fetch users they provide multiple ways to fetch users
  • Select a user to backup their data and you can select multiple users also at one time.
  • Click on Start Backup.


In this article, we have discussed all possible ways to setup multifactor authentication for Office 365 users and how to configure MFA in Microsoft 365. We have described whether Microsft Office 365 provides MFA for normal users or not. Also, mentioned an alternative method that can streamline the hectic process of using an extra app for authentication.