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Zimbra Download All Emails From Your Mailbox

Published By Mohit Jha
Anuraag Singh
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Published On January 19th, 2024

Users of Zimbra download all emails for a variety of reasons. The real problem is effectively managing all the mailbox items during the download. Moreover, the reason why this is such a pressing issue is that there are millions of Zimbra users worldwide. All thanks to its free and open-source app.
Apart from this, thousands of businesses have a premium version of Zimbra to manage their official email workflow. All of this adds to the complexity of email extraction.
Although Zimbra has a manual method to take out emails, it is quite problematic, to say the least. So to help in pulling out emails from Zimbras grasp, we have made this write-up for you.
It not only covers the manual method but highlights its pain points as well. As an alternative, users will find a tutorial on how to use an adaptive modern email extraction tool. Before we jump to the methods, let’s first expand on some reasons that trigger email downloads from Zimbra.

Why do Users of Zimbra Download All Emails Regularly?

So, it is done for various reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Data Backup and Recovery: No one can predict the next system crash or data corruption. Moreover, accidental deletions of emails are also a major threat that affects users. So one way to lay a safety net is to download emails periodically and prepare a backup beforehand.
  • Seamless Platform Migration: Zimbra is without a doubt an excellent platform. However, this view is not shared universally. Many of its users wish to move to a different service provider. In such cases, admins first have to pull out all emails that currently sit in Zimbra.
  • Compiling with Regulations: Many industries have strict guidelines regarding email preservation. To comply with such regulations, admins have to store copies of emails on-site. So they need to figure out how to download Zimbra email for documentation purposes.
  • Free-up Storage: The storage offered by Zimbra is not infinite. A mailbox that is swollen beyond the recommendation causes lag and brings down user productivity. To resolve this, users can archive historical emails outside Zimbra and delete them from the source.
  • Perform Email Analytics: As emails contain the majority of the b2b communication. Organizations can gain a lot of insights by analyzing emails. If Zimbra can’t connect with the analysis platform directly, then users have to first download and then upload emails manually.

 Now after discussing the reasons, let us understand what are the possible solutions for How to download Zimbra email

Approaches to Conduct Zimbra Email Download Yourself

There are basically two techniques by which you can Zimbra download all emails.

1. The manual method is the first approach by which you can download emails in TGZ format.

2. The advanced professional method with so many inbuilt functionalities. Through this, you can easily download all the emails from Zimbra.

This is totally your call through which method you want to opt. But definitely manual method definitely comes with some limitations.  So now let us understand both the methods step by step. 

Zimbra Download All Emails – Through Manual Method?

Let’s follow the steps mentioned below to download an email from Zimba Manually.

Step 1. Open Zimbra, click on the Preferences

Step 2. Click on the Import/Export option.

Step 3. Within the Export section, choose Mails in Advanced Settings to get it downloaded. 

Step 4. And lastly, click Export

manual merthod of downloading emails ferom zimbra

This is the manual solution of how to download Zimbra email. But it also has one major limitation. It only downloads emails in TGZ format. So, if there is no other format available, that, means you have to go for another option to download email according to your required format. 

If we say that we have a shot solution by which you can download all the emails according to your desired format. Let’s jump into the professional solution without wasting time.

Zimba Download All Emails: Use Instant Approach Through Professional Solution

To perform this professional solution, you need to download the IMAP Backup Software on your system and follow each step for a trouble-free downloading process. 

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Step 1. Start by downloading the software and choosing the IMAP Host Domain

choose IMAP host name

Step 2. After that, you have to enter the required login details, like “username” and “password”, Then, select the login button. 

enter username and passwords

Step 3. Now, the main screen is released left side of the interface and there you can choose any file format according to your requirements. 

Note: We are going with the PST format here. You can opt for any export type according to your requirements

choose file format

Step 4. Then, opt for “Advanced Settings” and choose accordingly whether you want to “Delete After Download” and the second is “Incremental Backup” as per your choice.

choose advanced settings

Step 5. Mark the Split PST option to set the size after which you want the file to separate into smaller parts. Set the dates in the Date filter for selective data transfer.

mark split PST options

Step 6. Back up email & remove files from the mailbox by marking the Delete after Download option. Also, choose the destination for the end results by clicking on the Browse button.

Back up & choose destination

Step 7.  Press the Start Backup button to Zimbra download all emails

Press Start Backup

This is the advanced one-stop platform that can give you solutions on how to download Zimbra email. This will give you multiple file format options. Additionally, If you use the tool again in the future, you can apply the Incremental Backup option to take a backup of only the new data received after the first backup. This will help avoid the creation of duplicates.

Why the Tool is Better for Zimbra Email Downloads

The manual method puts the emails in a predetermined folder on its own. Users then have to manually move it again to place it in their choice of file location. Whereas with the advanced tool, you get to pick the location first. Only then does the tool place it on the specified path.

Availability of various export types is another field where the manual method lags behind the professional solution. Unlike the traditional method, the tool allows its users to choose from 10+ export file types. All are available at the click of a button. In comparison, the manual method has only one export type available. That is a compressed EML file. Users have to manually decompress the file and sort out its contents. All these extra tasks eat up the user’s time. The tool eliminates the need to decompress contents entirely.

Backups are not a one-off process. Many who have backed up their data once will find themselves repeating the operation after a while. In such scenarios, there is always a danger of duplicating the data. However, the tool provides a safeguard against this in the form of a smart incremental backup feature. With which the tool remembers the previously backed-up state and only starts the backup from there. No such capability is present in the manual method. Users have to shuffle their entire backup archive data and manually choose the timeline from where to start the backup.

Common FAQs

Take a look at common questions of the users regarding downloading all the emails from Zimbra.

1. How to download Zimbra email smoothly without any data loss?

Follow the given quick steps to download all emails from Zimbra

  • Step 1. Download, Run & IMAP Backup Tool
  • Step 2. Select the desired Export option.
  • Step 3. Apply filters and browse the storage location
  • Step 4. Click the Start Backup button to start the process.

2. Does this professional software affect my existing emails in Zimbra?

No, the software does not affect your existing emails in Zimbra.

3. Which type of data can I download from Zimbra using the software?

Users can download emails, contacts & calendar data separately as per their choice.

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Final Say

In this tutorial we showed how users of Zimbra download all emails to their requested location. Moreover, after learning about manual instructions it was clear that they are not ideal by any means. So as an alternative, we also gave a tutorial on the usage of the best tool in the market. With its help any amount of emails present in Zimbra can be brought out and saved separately.

If you have any queries related to the software and its working, you can Contact our experts