Zimbra Download All Emails: A Stepwise Guide

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Mohit Jha | Modified: September 13, 2023 | General | 6 Minutes Reading

Overview If you are searching for Zimba download all emails without doing so much hassle then we must say you have landed on the correct post. There is a stack of reasons why users need to know the solution to how to download Zimba emails. In this blog, we will explore how to accomplish it and we will also provide you with a one-shot solution by which you can easily and effectively download all the emails from Zimbra.

Zimbra, a popular email client, is widely used for its robust features and capabilities. It was chosen from over 5,000 enterprises and over 500 million users in around 140 countries. Despite these facts, why users are searching for a solution to how Zimbra download all emails? So, let us first understand what would be the reasons for downloading emails from Zimbra.

What are the Reasons for Learning How to Download Zimbra Email?

So, This can be essential for various reasons some of which are mentioned below:

1. Data backup & recovery might be the reason why users searching for how to download Zimbra email. It serves as a precautionary measure to safeguard your crucial emails in case of accidental detection, system crashes, or data corruption. 

2. Transitioning to the new email platform would be another reason. Users might want to play safely by downloading all emails from Zimbra before moving to a new email client so that they don’t lose their historical communication records. 

3. Downloading emails allows you to access your emails without an internet connection. This ensures you to work or communicate effectively even if you’re working offline. 

4. Zimba download all emails for analysis of various purposes, such as monitoring communication trends, tackling specific information, or generating reports related to email forensics. 

5. Today many industries and organizations are bound by legal regulations that require the retention of emails for a specified period.

6. It is also being noted that users might download emails from Zimbra due to their piece of mind. Knowing that the emails are securely backed up locally provides peace of mind. This also reduces the risk of losing critical information. 

 Now after discussing the reasons, let us understand what are the possible solutions for How to download Zimbra email

Different Approaches How Zimbra Downloads All Emails 

There are basically two techniques by which you can Zimbra download all emails.

1. The manual method is the first approach by which you can download emails in TGZ format.

2. The advanced professional method with so many inbuilt functionalities. Through this, you can easily download all the emails from Zimbra.

This is totally your call through which method you want to opt. But definitely manual method definitely comes with some limitations.  So now let us understand both the methods step by step. 

Zimbra Download All Emails – Through Manual Method?

Let’s follow the steps mentioned below to download an email from Zimba Manually.

Step 1. Open Zimbra, click on the Preferences

Step 2. Click on the Import/Export option.

Step 3. Within the Export section, choose Mails in Advanced Settings to get it downloaded. 

Step 4. And lastly, click Export

manual merthod of downloading emails ferom zimbra

This is the manual solution of how to download Zimbra email. But it also has one major limitation. It only downloads emails in TGZ format. So, if there is no other format available, that, means you have to go for another option to download email according to your required format. 

If we say that we have a shot solution by which you can download all the emails according to your desired format. Let’s jump into the professional solution without wasting time.

Zimba Download All Emails: Use Instant Approach Through Professional Solution

To perform this professional solution you need to download the IMAP Backup Software on your system and follow each step for a trouble-free downloading process. 

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Step 1. Start by downloading the software and choosing the IMAP Host Domain

choose IMAP host name

Step 2. After that, you have to enter the required login details like “Username” and “password”, Then, select the login button. 

enter username and passwords

Step 3. Now, the main screen is released left side of the interface and there you can choose any file format according to your requirements. 

Note: We are going with the PST format here. You can opt for any export type according to your requirements

choose file format

Step 4. Then, opt for the “Advanced Settings” and choose accordingly whether you want to “Delete After Download” and the second is “Incremental Backup” as per your choice.

choose advanced settings

Step 5. Mark the Split PST option to set the size after which you want the file to separate into smaller parts. Set the dates in the Date filter for selective data transfer.

mark split PST options

Step 6. Back up Telenet mail & remove files from the mailbox by marking the Delete after Download option. Also, choose the destination for the end results by clicking on the Browse button.

Back up Telenet mail & choose destination

Step 7.  Press the Start Backup button to Zimbra download all emails

choose backup option

This is the advanced one-stop platform that can give you solutions of how to download Zimbra email. This will give you multiple file format options. Additionally, If you use the tool again in the future, you can apply the Incremental Backup option to take a backup of only the new data received after the first backup. This will help avoid the creation of duplicates.

Common FAQs

Take a look at common questions of the users regarding downloading all the emails from Zimbra.

1. How to download Zimbra email smoothly without any data loss?

Follow the given quick steps to download all emails from Zimbra

Step 1. Download, Run & IMAP Backup Tool

Step 2. Select the desired Export option.

Step 3. Apply filters and browse the storage location

Step 4. Click the Start Backup button to start the process.

2. Does this professional software affect my existing emails in Zimbra?

No, the software does not affect your existing emails in Zimbra.

3. Which type of data can I download from Zimbra using the software?

Users can download emails, contacts & calendar data separately as per their choice.

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Final Say

Downloading all your emails from Zimbra is a crucial step to safeguard your valuable communication. Whether you choose the manual method or opt for professional Zimbra Email Software for larger-scale backups, the key is to ensure that your data is secure and accessible when you need it.

If you have any queries related to the software and its working, you can Contact our experts