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Know How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

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Published On January 30th, 2024

Summary: Here is the solution to the query on how to create a team in Microsoft Teams without hassle. The distinct steps are explained which should be taken to create the team in Microsoft Teams in a detailed manner.

For essential communication between employees, Microsoft offers Teams. Teams are used for private, public, and group conversations within the organization. Teams administrator manages the Teams for effective workflow. As per the requirements, there are private channels for private discussion regarding the project between the members.

But sometimes, due to the record of the past information in the private channels. You need to migrate private channels in Teams. To create a team in Microsoft Teams, there is a requirement to execute multiple steps. First, let’s understand the need for Microsoft Teams before deep diving into how to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

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Benefits of Creating a New Team in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for the collaboration between the members. This platform provides different features to make the discussion of members easy. Let’s explore some major reasons to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

  • Messaging Chat – As it is a chat-based platform, you can communicate with others easily. There is an option of connecting within a group, or one-on-one chat also. Different emojis and GIFs are incorporated into it. Along with the chat, you can also make voice or video calls to another member.
  • Calling – Teams provides telephony services for voice calling with the help of VOIP. It supports the PSTN due to which you can make phone calls to and from landlines or mobile phones.
  • Video Meeting – There is an option for video meetings, which is used in the pandemic time for official discussions. Due to this feature, employees started collaborating remotely. In video conferencing, you can customize the virtual backgrounds, meeting recordings, and transcription.
  • Screen Sharing – To explain certain topics. You can also share the screen with the desktop, or any digital device through which you are connected during meetings or Teams calls.
  • Calendar – The calendar in Outlook is used to keep track of the tasks. Here the calendar is also used to maintain the meetings and appointments.
  • File Sharing – The files can be shared and edited within the Teams. You can collaborate with the other members on the same document.
  • External collaboration – Microsoft Teams allows external people to collaborate with the Teams members. For the communication between B2B, you can use the external collaboration in the Teams.

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How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams?

There are different Office 365 Admin roles and responsibilities to handle Office 365. The Teams administrator has the right to set up the Teams for the organization. The first step for the administrator before creating a Team is to verify whether the team is already created or not. If it is not created then the process of creating a team begins. Follow the below steps to create a team in Microsoft Teams in a hassle-free manner.

Step 1. Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account with the correct credentials.
Step 2. Now, Click on the Teams icon from the left panel.
Step 3. In the opened screen, look at the end of the screen and hit on the Join or Create a Team.
Step 4. Now, click on the Create Team option.
Step 5. In new screen, you can choose different options such as

  • From Scratch – To create a basic and new Team.
  • From a Group or Team – To create a team from an existing Microsoft 365 group or another team.
  • Select from a template – To use a predefined template for the team creation.
  • Select the first option “ From Scratch”.

Step 6. Now it’s time to select the permission for the Team.

  • Private – Required permission to join the team.
  • Public – Users can join without permission.
  • Org-wide – All the organization employees join the team automatically.

Step 7. After choosing the permission of the Team, you need to provide the Team Name and Description to get an idea about the purpose of the Team and click on the Create button.
Step 8. Now you can add the users to it by entering their email addresses, and names. If you do not want to add the users now, choose the skip button.
Step 9. After adding or skipping the users click on the close button.
Step 10. Check the Teams list, you can see the Team in the list.

Different Specifications for the Microsoft Teams

After the creation of the team, you can add more specifications by clicking on the three dots of the team.

  • Manage team To create team members, channels, and tags.
  • Add Channel To create a team channel with its name and description.
  • Add Member to add the members to the created team.
  • Leave the team After the creation of the team, you can leave the team with this option.
  • Edit team To edit the team name, description, privacy settings, etc.
  • Get a link to the team a link to the team that can be shared with others.
  • Manage Tags To create the tags for a group of people.
  • Delete the team to delete the created team.

After the execution of all these Steps to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams, the Team is created successfully and you also know how to create a team in Microsoft Teams. But what if your Organization decides to merge with another organization? In that case, you need to move the Teams data to another tenant. Now you are thinking about how it is possible to move complete Teams data along with the channels and groups. Here is the way to do it efficiently as per the Microsoft Teams migration checklist.

How to Shift Teams Data to Another Tenant?

To migrate Microsoft Teams from one Tenant to another securely you can use the expert-recommended Microsoft Teams Migration tool. Using this tool, you can migrate Microsoft Teams, Groups, Files, and Channels as well. You do not need to worry about the folder structure and Timestamps. This tool takes care of all that. There is an option of Delta Migration in the tool, through which you can migrate the newly arrived data between the processes. It supports various Office 365 subscription plans. You can use this tool on Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2012 and 2016 versions.

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Creating a new Team in Microsoft Teams is possible with some steps. Because of the simpler user interface of the Teams, the process becomes easy. In this article, we have explained all the steps that are needed for the creation of a team in Teams. One expert-recommended tool is also explained if you want to shift the Teams between tenants. Hence the query of how to create a team in Microsoft Teams is solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Microsoft Teams part of Office 365 or do we need to buy it standalone?

Ans – The Microsoft Teams application is a part of the Office 365 suite.

Q2.  Is it possible to create a Team for the existing group?

Ans – Yes, you can choose the option of From a Group while creating the Team.

Q3. What are the different types of permissions in the Team?

Ans – There are three different types of permissions in the Team: Private, Public, and Org-wide.

Q4. Are there any options in the Team to change the Teams name and description?

Ans – Yes, you can edit the Teams name and description by using the settings.