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Google Vault Export Stuck at 95 – Solution in Detail

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On December 7th, 2023

Summary: The most asked query on the Internet is the Google Vault export stuck at 95. Most of the admins are facing this issue regularly while exporting Google Vault data. As Google is not accepting that issue. But the issue occurs on a regular basis. To solve this issue, we have explained some manual tips and experts recommended solution as well.

“Hey, I want to archive more data into the Google Vault. Due to this, I want to download the existing data from the Google Vault. But as the steps are mentioned by Google to export data they are not able to give the expected results. I have tried many times but the same issue persists in front of me “Google Export Stuck at 95”. I have already wasted too much time. Can anyone suggest a reliable solution that is error-free?”

Google Vault is used to archive the data which is no longer required. You can export the Google Vault data to PST/MBOX with the Google-provided solution but not for Google Vault to Office 365 migration. Sometimes during the exporting of Google Vault data the Google Vault export stuck at 95 error persists. But you do not need to worry about the error.

Let’s find the manual and expert-recommended solutions in detail. But before deep diving into the solutions. Let’s check Google’s advice for the successful exporting process.

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Google’s Advice to Avoid Export Stuck Error at 95

Google provides some guidelines for the Google Vault export to PST successfully. Below are some of the important points that should be followed to complete the exporting process without any errors.

  • Do not schedule more than 20 export processes within an organization.
  • While providing a name to the export, do not use special characters such as ( ~!$’90,;@:/?).
  • Try to use different search strategies.
  • If the process takes too long to complete. Then go with the new export process by canceling the current process.

Quick Fixes to Resolve Google Vault Export Stuck at 95

You can also try some quick fixes that can solve this issue. All these fixes are the manual tips that you can try to resolve it.

  • You should divide your search query into multiple parts that can reduce the possibility of errors
  • Use another Admin account to complete the exporting process.
  • As the Google Vault is more comfortable with the Chrome browser so, switch to that.
  • If the Google Vault stuck at 95 while exporting data into the PST file then change the resulting file to the MBOX.
  • Try to manipulate your IP address by using the VPN of a different country.

Efficient Solution to Resolve Google Vault Export Stuck at 95

The manual tips discussed above are not reliable. There might be the chances that you may face several difficulties after opting manual approach. The manual approach is not able to resolve the issue permanently. That’s why here is the reliable and tested automated Google Vault Downloader tool.

This tool is tested and applied by experts to export the Google Vault data into the required file format. You can choose the required format of file either PST or MBOX. This tool can resolve the Google Vault export stuck at 95 because it has some advanced features that make it the first choice for experts. Some of the major features are explained below.

  • Providing the two different file formats one is the PST and another is the MBOX.
  • A Smart Date filter is also there for the selection of relevant data.
  • Able to export emails and documents as well without hassle.
  • An interactive dashboard is associated with the tool to track the process.
  • After the completion of the process, it generates the summary report that is used for the analysis of the exporting process.
  • Option of previewing data without searching the files.

Download Google Vault Data Step-By-Step

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Step 1. Download the tool. Choose Source as Google Vault and Outlook as the destination.


Step 2. Under the workload section, select Email and Documents. Use the Date filter according to the requirement.

enter domains

Step 3. In the Source tab, enter the complete details of the source account. Validate them and hit on Next button.

enter domains

Step 4. Now, it’s time to complete the details of the destination tab. Select the path for the resulting file validate that location and then Next.

start the migration

Step 5. Next is the Users tab, get all the users into the automated tool by using Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download template options.

start the migration

Step 6. As the validation of the users is completed, then click on the Start Download button.

start the migration


Exporting of Google Vault data is required in some situations. But the export stuck at 95 while exporting data to the PST/MBOX file. That’s why through this write-up, we have explained the manual and expert-recommended approaches.

The manual approach is not enough to solve the Google Vault export stuck at 95 errors efficiently. The experts suggest an automated tool to solve this error permanently. You can rely on the tool till Google officially announces the solution to this issue.