Introduction to OneDrive – All You Need to Know About

Introduction to OneDrive

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: January 14, 2020 | Introduction, Office 365, OneDrive | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog is aimed to give introduction to OneDrive. In this blog, we will discuss what is OneDrive, how to add files to OneDrive, steps to add files to OneDrive and much more.

What is OneDrive Application

Prior OneDrive is named as SkyDrive, it Offers free online storage for the users having a Microsoft account. User save their files there and can access them from any device such as PC, Phone, tablet etc. It offers the easiest way to store, share, access and sync all kinds of data files with other users and devices on the Web. The latest version of OneDrive offers 5 GB of free space storage for new users. Moreover, additional storage is available for purchase.

For Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone user can use OneDrive for visual customization, themes, synchronizing their system settings, app settings. In addition to this they can also used OneDrive for saving the History, Saved passwords and Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge tabs.

Introduction to One Drive

One can access the data files stored in OneDrive directly with the help of web browser on other hand, if the user using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system then they can directly access them from the operating system.


How to Add Files In OneDrive

User can move different types of files such as Music, Documents, Pictures, and Videos folders to OneDrive. After moving the files or folders to OneDrive folder, Windows will continue to display all files in system. User can also automatically save all these folders or file under OneDrive just by saving them on their systems.
However, the user need to perform some steps to add data files on cloud OneDrive service. It’s because they cannot add files on OneDrive just by drag and drop.

Steps to Add Files on OneDrive

After getting the complete overview / introduction to Google Drive. Now let’s know the simple steps for adding files on OneDrive on Win 10:

1- Firstly, sign in your PC with your MS account, then only you will be able to get your One Drive files from File Explorer

2- Open the File Explorer & then drag and drop your files into One Drive

3- Now, the files will be save in the OneDrive Files Folder

What is the Need of OneDrive?

The greatest need of OneDrive is for storing a large amount of data on cloud. OneDrive has enhanced the manageability as well as availability of data.
With OneDrive application, there is no need to install addition hardware to store the data. It offers 5 GB of free storage space to save data files in cloud.
By just having a Microsoft account, user can save their all data on cloud with OneDrive for personal application. Moreover, it not only used for storing the data, people can even share and sync their data with other users.

Interface and Designing Of Onedrive

OneDrive offers a very user friendly interface. However, to access OneDrive services, user needs to have a Microsoft Account. It offers very simple sign in window.


-After creating an account, Onedrive will appear.


-User can click Get Started, to go on main window which will appear like follow screen shot:


-User can click on “Create” for creating a new document
-Click “Upload” button for uploading the file on OneDrive
-The uploaded folders will appear as a big tile, user can just click on them to open a folder
-User can search desired file by using “Search OneDrive” search bar.

Features Of OneDrive

1. User can access OneDrive application with any web browser.
2. OneDrive Offers various options for sharing the files with others.
3. Allow it’s users to fetch the files from the computer for sharing, if it does not exist in OneDrive.
4. It allows users to rollback all changes that have been made on the documents
5. It offers 5 GB of free storage space, that makes people to save their documents on cloud.

Versions Available for Onedrive

There are two versions available for this application: OneDrive for Business and OneDrive for Personal Users.

OneDrive for Business

For OneDrive Business, one needs to subscribe Office 365 Business Plan in order to store, sync, and share your work files.
OneDrive for Business uses a platform called SharePoint to deliver storage services to business users. With this solution users can add , sync and share files with other colleagues. OneDrive enables all users to work on these files at the same time and also sync the changes being made in real time.

OneDrive for Personal Users

OneDrive for personal is a cloud-based storage system for a single user. It is used only for personal usage. In addition, if the user has a non-business account on Microsoft then the user can access the OneDrive storage solution.
OneDrive for personal is a free service and the only thing needed is that, the user must have an Microsoft account or email address.

OneDrive for personal is available free. User having account on Microsoft cab easily access the service. However, for OneDrive Business, user needs to get an Office 365 subscription plan to access, share, store and collaborate on files with other users.


From this write-up we got a complete introduction to OneDrive, it’s need, steps to add files on OneDrive and it’s versions. But, what if some wants to switch from OneDrive to G Drive (G Suite). Then, in such cases the best solution will be is to use the automated software. OneDrive to Google Drive Migrator Tool is the perfect solution to move files from one cloud platform (onedrive) to another (Google Drive).