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Guide to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On August 14th, 2023

Nowadays many companies look to change their local webmail to a cloud-based setup. One such scenario is to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 ecosystem. Although Mdaemon is a robust email server, its limitations in deployment, scalability, and collaboration cannot be ignored. Additionally, Office 365 outperforms it in various other ways too.

Therefore, in this article, you will find the mechanisms to move away from the on-premise  MDaemon setup. Before we visit the methods let’s have a look at how Office 365 is better than the existing setup.

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A Brief Comparison of MDaemon and Office 365

Here we provide a means to compare MDaemon with Office 365 on different parameters.  

Deployment –

  • MDaemon: It is entirely on-premise, so the IT team must have experience in installing a localized setup to avoid problems.
  • Office 365: It has a modern cloud-based deployment with a hybrid on-premise facility for certain key applications like Exchange.

Collaboration –

  • MDaemon: No advanced collaboration features are included with the service. It is up to the user to add and maintain other solutions separately.
  • Office 365: It comes with many business productivity tools like Teams, Onedrive, etc in a single package. Adding yet another reason to migrate MDaemon to Office 365.

Scalability –

  • MDaemon: Increasing server capability requires the purchase of new hardware. Moreover, it is the sole responsibility of the client. No automated upgrades are available in MDaemon.
  • Office 365: The cloud-based infrastructure expands automatically with the increase in demand. No user intervention is required making it an ideal choice for many.

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Through this direct ‌contrast between the two it is clear why moving to the latter is a smart decision. Therefore, we are now ready to guide you through the basic method of webmail data transfer.

Manual Means of MDaemon to Office 365 Migration

The manual method is split into three parts. We first need to set up Mdaemon in Outlook, then export the PST files, and finally import the PST files into Office 365. It is easier said than done as you will see for yourself. Go through the steps in the following sections for completing the task at hand.

Set up and Transfer MDaemon to Outlook Desktop Client

  • Download & open Outlook desktop.
  • Go to “File” > “Add Account.”
  • Choose “Manual setup.”
  • Select “IMAP” as the protocol.
  • Fill in your details, including server info.
  • Then, click “More Settings” for additional settings.
  • Configure outgoing server and ports.
  • Test settings by clicking “Next.”
  • If successful, click “Finish” to complete the setup.

Export the Data in PST Format

  • Open Outlook, navigate to ‘File’, then ‘Open & Export’, and select ‘Import/Export’.
  • Then choose the ‘Export to a file’ option and click ‘Next’.
  • Select ‘Outlook Data File’ as the file type.
  • Choose ‘MDaemon Mail’ and proceed.
  • Then, save the exported file to the desired location, and finish the process.
  • Set a password for the Outlook Data File in the pop-up window.
  • Re-enter the password, confirm it, and then click ‘OK’.
  • PST files are exported to the selected location.

Import the Data into Office 365 

  • Configure Office 365 account in Outlook (Same as Phase 1).
  • Open Outlook, go to ‘Open & Export’, then click ‘Import/Export’.
  • Choose ‘Import from another program’ (default).
  • Select ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’.
  • Pick PST files to import.
  • Specify import options and destination (choose Office 365 account).
  • Finally, click ‘Finish’ to start the import process.

The drawbacks of this technique are discussed ahead.

Problems and Limitations of Manual Method

Error Potential: The complicated method opens up many different sources of error to occur such as missing or incomplete data transfers.

Time-consuming: Due to the large number of steps involved and the limitation of a single-user MDaemon to Office 365 migration at a time takes up a lot of working hours.

Highly technical: Only experienced admins have the required skill set to perform the manual migration with minimal errors.

Indirect Transition: It does not place the data directly in the required location but stores it in a separate location. To complete the process admins need to perform a few extra steps.

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Don’t worry as we have an easy way to mitigate all these limitations.

How to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Professionally

SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migration Software offers an all-encompassing solution with its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface. Even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, you can easily take advantage of this service to seamlessly move from MDaemon to the versatile O365 environment. Here’s how to get started

Step 1. Get the program and launch it, and then pick the IMAP server as the origin and Office 365 as the target.

Open Tool

Step 2. Go to the Workload section and select the checkbox next to emails before applying a Date filter.

Add Date Filter

Step 3. In the Source section on the left side menu, choose Other in the IMAP server area then put the rest of the details when prompted by the tool.

Validate Source

Step 4. Authenticate the Admin email and Application ID once done press the Next button.

Validate Destination

Step 5. Then attach the Users by importing them directly, or download the template provided in the tool, edit it, and upload it.

Attach Users

Step 6. Check and view users, select the ones to migrate, validate them, then begin by pressing Start Migration.

Start migration

Next up we have the reasons for the tool’s popularity.

Advanced Features of the Utility

Given below are just some of the features that make the too an essential asset during MDaemon to Office 365 migration.

  • Move multiple emails simultaneously.
  • Keep file structures and folder hierarchies intact.
  • Map users from source to destination without data loss.
  • Pick and migrate specific folders using the Date filter feature.
  • Get the tool for both the latest Windows and Mac OS devices.
  • Complete data transfer irrespective of the O365 subscription plans.


Thus our answer for a method to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 is now complete. We covered both the why and the how of the entire process. Moreover, utilizing an automated migration tool simplifies the task when compared to manual methods. Ensuring a smoother and more efficient transition from on-premise to cloud-based platform.